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First Aid Labels

Health and safety rules must be adhered to on business premises and ensuring you comply with all legislation regarding first aid is one of the most important parts of that. Having the correct equipment and knowing how to use it is imperative, but so is being able to quickly locate supplies and being able to check that they are fit for purpose.

Our range includes tamper-proof inspection labels and a selection of highly visible first aid logo stickers so that emergency equipment can be found in a matter of moments. For more information on first aid labels and their uses, check out our handy buying guide.

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First Aid Stickers Buying Guide

First aid in the workplace is an essential element of health and safety; ensuring you have fully functional first aid kits and personnel are trained to deal with accident victims is vital. First aid labels can be used in the workplace alongside first aid signs to advise all employees, customers and visitors where first aid equipment is kept, your medical room is situated and trained first aiders are located.

Our first aid labels are compliant with all current Health and Safety legislation. They feature pictograms which conform to ISO 7010 as required by UK law. These symbols are universally recognised so everyone can understand them even if English is not their first language.

Many insurance companies will require you to use first aid signs and labels and you can be sure that Seton’s selection will meet or exceed the relevant standards.

Medical Equipment Label Types

First aid labels can be used to identify the location of first aid kits and indicate points where staff or visitors can be treated for minor injuries caused on the premises.

Logo labels are sized to fit anywhere and can be placed on walls, cupboard doors and containers to show where first aid provisions are held. They are easy to use so you can be meeting your requirements in a matter of moments. Labels are a more cost-effective option that signs and because they can be quickly removed are perfect for temporary applications.

We also stock first aid labels that features Nite-Glo photoluminescence, which means once fully charged in a good light source they will glow for six hours. Nite-Glo labels can be used in or out of doors to effectively indicate the location of first aid assistance.

Our tamper-proof first aid inspection and tamper-proof eyewash labels enable your employees to manage your first aid kits and eyewash stock levels and ensure they have not been interfered with. If the tamper-proof seal remains in place and intact, you can be certain the contents are usable, but if the seal is broken, the contents will need to be checked and replenished if required. These labels allow you to record the date of the examination of the contents of your first aid kit and the expiration date of your eyewash. This allows a designated member of staff to manage your first aid kits and eyewash supply levels effectively so you remain compliant with current health and safety laws.

If you are unable to find what you require within our selection of first aid labels for your workplace’s need, then you can design your own customisable first aid labels on our website.