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Office & Commercial Equipment

Need help? Need help? Which office supplies do you need? Complete Range, Low-Cost Office & Commerical Equipment

Equipping your office with the correct items and facilities is just one important way to ensure that you are providing the best environment possible for your employees. Depending on the industry that you work in, the size of your office or workplace, and any special requirements that you may have, such as with safety and hazard issues, the exact nature of your office and commercial equipment needs are bound to be unique, but there are a few items, such as indoor bins, that all workplaces require.

For more specialised interests, we also have a great range of lockers and cloakroom furniture and safety flooring and matting. The comfort and safety of workers is paramount to providing a pleasant place to work, which in turn helps to increase productivity, and is also crucial when it comes to following health and safety guidelines. For more information, check out our buying guide.

Business Supplies: Buying Guide

To achieve a healthy, safe, comfortable and streamlined work environment, you’ll want to make sure that your workplace is fully equipped with the most useful, appropriate and high-quality office and commercial equipment available. It can be difficult to know exactly where to start sometimes, not only because every workplace’s office and commercial equipment needs are different, but also because there is so much choice out there. Luckily, we have a great range of such equipment and can help ensure that your workplace is as comfortable and well-equipped as possible.

You can easily determine which category you should be perusing while looking for office and commercial equipment as our products are usefully divided into eight different categories.

Waste Management in the Office

When it comes to indoor waste bins, for example, we have a wide range of bins that can be used in a variety of different environments and circumstances, depending on the nature of your workplace. With more offices becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, you might be looking for a recycling bin, or you might want to invest in our colour-coded bins. These are great for instigating your own unique waste disposal system – red-topped bins are for general waste, green for food waste, and yellow for recyclable paper and card, for example. Smaller offices might not see the need for some of our more specialised indoor bins, but a heavy duty metal pedal bin is great for all occasions and situations, and push-pedal bins and swivel-top bins are also remarkably versatile.

Office Storage

If your workplace has a locker room or cloakroom, then you’ll want to take a look at our comprehensive range of high-quality locker and cloakroom furniture. This is one of the areas of furnishing and kitting out a workplace where it can be difficult to know where to start, but whether you’re looking for simple island seating with hooks, or mesh lockers, or something a little bigger such as garment lockers, we have just the right product. Schools, hospitals, restaurants and factories are the most obvious workplaces where cloakrooms are often found, but even smaller offices might find them useful for storage, and for providing workers with a place to store valuables or change clothing.

Finding the Right Commercial Office Flooring

When it comes to safety flooring and matting, you might think that they are not a high priority at your workplace, but the fact is that almost any work environment, no matter the size or type of industry, will benefit from ensuring that their flooring is completely safe and usable. Even small businesses might be surprised by how useful a product such as anti-slip or floor marking can be. Most offices and workplaces will want to invest in entrance mats, for example, and we have a great many choices on offer, whether you need a superdry mat, one with tough rib matting, or cleanscrape entrance matting. All of these examples are great to have on hand during inclement weather when workers coming in and out of the office are likely to tread in rainwater or dirt and mud. Our range of safety flooring and matting also includes stair treads, anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip tape and matting, and a variety of industrial matting options for use in more specialised environments such as kitchens, factories and workshops.

Safety Compliance and Training Guides

Our range of posters is just as well-rounded as any of our other categories, and here you’ll find posters on correct ladder safety, first aid, fire safety, hearing protection, wearing PPE, chemical spills, asbestos, manual handling, use of AED defibrillators and CPR, fire extinguishers, and much more. If the poster that you’re looking for isn’t listed above, then do take a look at our posters for yourself as the chances are that we carry the safety poster you’re looking for. Our range of training guides and DVDs is also completely comprehensive and sure to provide you with the necessary tools to properly understand any health and safety concerns related to your particular working environment.


Do you carry items such as white boards, frames, shelving, chairs and desks?

Yes, our range of office equipment is completely comprehensive and covers all of the above plus much more. Seton can provide your office with everything from pens to presentation boards, workstations, radiators and cupboards.

How do I know which office chairs and/or desks are right for my workspace?

This answer is highly dependent on the size of your workspace and your workers’ needs. Here at Seton, we would recommend taking full measurements of your office or workspace so that you choose the right equipment that perfectly fits your needs.

I’m in need of permit to work forms. Is this the kind of item that you carry at Seton?

Yes, we have a variety of reports and forms, including permit to work forms, permits to work on CD ROM and contractor authorisation to work system refill packs.