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Hand Dryers

The jury is still out on whether or not hand dryers are better than paper towels. Hand dryers certainly have their advantages as do paper towels. However, it is good practice to provide hand dryers in your restrooms for use by staff and visitors. There are many different models available, but you don’t have to choose the fanciest or the most expensive. Remember they all do the same job – they dry your hands! Some do this quicker than others and some look better than others, so choosing the right one for your workplace will depend upon a number of factors.

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Choosing Electric Hand Dryers

If you do decide to add hand dryers, which type do you choose? The classic design automatic hand dryer is a very popular option. This has a shape that you will recognise as it has been used for hand dryers for a long time, but this modern model has more to offer. The automatic mechanism starts the fan when it senses hands under the dryer. The unit has a drying time of around 30 seconds and it is very easy to maintain and clean. You can choose from a variety of finishes and it comes complete with the essential security lock screws.

Alternatively you could choose the ultra-modern flow hand dryer. This is considered one of the best models around thanks to the sleek design and the very fast drying times. Again, this is activated by a sensor but it can dry your hands in up to 10 seconds. A dryer that can work this quickly could be considered to be a must if you have a busy workplace and you do not want staff to linger in the restrooms. It also has a low energy consumption, which means that if you are trying to boost your green credentials then this is a good choice. It also means that it can save you money on your energy bills.

So why a dryer rather than paper towels? We have already mentioned that a dryer could be the greener choice and when you compare the benefits of a hand dryer to a pile of used paper towels that cannot be recycled then you can clearly see the difference. Some people do prefer paper towels so you might want to offer a choice – you will need to provide a bin to avoid a littered floor!

When it comes to hygiene, people are still divided on the merits of a hand dryer. Some say it is unhygienic, which is why they prefer to use paper towels, but others believe that paper towels can harbour all kinds of germs. It is really a matter of personal preference.

Fitting a hand dryer is relatively easy, but as it is an electrical item that is being fitted into a restroom, a qualified electrician must be employed to install it. The installation can be completed quickly and a super-efficient hand dryer will soon be in place ready to use.