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Construction Site Security Signs

Need help? Need help? How to discourage criminals to secure your company? Enforce security - The primary purpose of a Security Sign is to inform others of what security measures are in place. Whether it be to warn of surveillance of the premises with CCTV, having a guard and watchdog on patrol or to reiterate that alarms are installed, a Construction Site Security Signs will clearly convey the precautions you have taken on your premises.

These signs are particularly good for discouraging people with ill intent from even thinking about trespassing. Just by having them on display, you significantly reduce the chances of people trying to do anything dangerous or unlawful on your site, protecting the interests of your organisation and promoting a safe and secure workplace.

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Discourage Criminals

Don’t be an easy target - While most of our general Construction Signs are aimed at reducing the chances of an accident occurring, Construction Site Security Signs are there to inform those who want steal from or vandalise your property, that there are consequences to doing so.

Whether they criminal believes they can still get away with their intentions or not, the warning given by these signs is often enough to make them think twice about whether it is worth the risk.

Warning that the premises is under CCTV surveillance with a sign such as our ‘Warning CCTV In Operation’ Sign is one of the best ways to deter a would-be thief, as the footage could easily lead to prosecution when caught.

By displaying a ‘Caution Guard Dogs on Patrol’ Sign you significantly decrease the chances of illegal trespassing on your construction site. Just the suggestion that guard dogs are on your site makes it a much more inconvenient target. This means trespassers and criminals are likely to just pick another target, instead of messing with your property.

Promote a Secure Workplace

Used alongside Construction Site Information Signs, Security Signs serve the purpose of informing employees, visitors and members of the public of what they can expect while on your premises. Not only do these signs have the clearly defined purpose of deterring criminals and discouraging dangerous activity, but they can also help to ensure people on your site feel safe and protected.

Not all Construction Site Security Signs need to address criminal activity. For example, your construction site may have a car park reserved for employees, and you may want to discourage those who have no business there from parking on your premises with a ‘Parking Permits Required’ Sign.

Unfortunately it may also be the case want to discourage the theft of company property from your own employees. By displaying signs such as our ‘Thieves Will Be Prosecuted’ Signs and our ‘Vehicles Entering or Leaving the Site are Liable to be Searched’ Signs you can greatly reduce the risk of this becoming a concern.

There are also signs available designed to minimise security alerts and maintain on-site vigilance, such as the ‘Do Not Leave Baggage or Parcels Unattended’ Sign and the ‘Report Any Suspicious Behaviour Immediately’ Sign.

Materials and Fixings

Signs that last - All of our Construction Site Security Signs feature high contrast colours to ensure your messages are perfectly visible. Manufactured from hard-wearing materials that fully meet current guidelines, you can be sure that your signs will last for years to come.

Easy to display - By ensuring that your signs are in displayed correctly you can make sure that they are not ignored. Our range of Sign Fixings allowing you to securely fasten your signs both indoors and out.

Tailored to you - If you cannot find a sign to suit your exact specifications then we can provide our Custom Site Safety Signs service. This allows you to create a sign that features any text, images and symbols that you require.