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Need help? Need help? Why are No Access Signs so important? Access awareness is something all companies should consider when choosing safety products for their workplace. It is important that hazardous areas are clearly highlighted and that your employees, visitors and members of the public are aware of the dangers of entering such places.

Not only will using No Access Signs keep those on your site safer and help you meet legislation, but they can also be used to restrict admission to specific areas that may pose a security risk. With these products, the security policy of your company can be enforced directly and efficiently.

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Clear Messages

Access awareness is paramount in the workplace. The working environment can be noisy, fast-paced and tiring, and emergency situations can occur at any time, so clear notifications around the workplace are important.

If an emergency evacuation is required, there must be immediate action to ensure the safety of both employees and visitors. To ensure visitors and staff remain in appropriate areas and to inform of the potential for danger in an area is to place a ‘No Access’ Sign in a place of prominence that will alert all the people on your premises that there is restricted access to the areas in question. These are available in great-value Packs of 6 to enable you to instruct people that access is strictly prohibited at numerous points simultaneously.

‘No Site Access’ Signs inform unauthorised employees, visitors and the public that your building or construction site is not open to them.These signs are especially effective when placed at the entrances to building and car parks, letting those entering know from the start that they should not continue without proper authorisation.

All of our No Access Signs feature bold writing and an widely-recognised prohibition symbol, a red circle with a line through it to convey an action which is not permitted. The image within the circle shows a person clearly holding a hand up to prevent access, allowing for the viewer to understand the intent even if they do not understand the language of the wording.

Security Measures

Safety is of course a high priority, but the security of your assets should also be a factor to consider when choosing your Safety Signs. No Access Signs make it clear who is authorised to access the premises and who is not. Using notices such as our ‘No Admittance/Authorised Personnel Only’ Signs make it clear that the public should not be entering the area.

Signs such as these also discourage trespassers from attempting access, as well as helping to prevent members of the public from entering dangerous areas.

Used in conjunction with our range of Security & CCTV Signs, you can make it clear to your team and any would-be thieves that security measures are being taken to protect your property. Our range is extensive and includes ‘CCTV In Operation’ Signs as well as ‘Caution Guard Dogs on Patrol’ Signs.

Safety Legislation

All businesses have a legal duty to guarantee to ensure safe conditions on their premises. No Access Signs can help you to comply with current legislation by helping to ensure that those on your site are made aware of the potential dangers and informed of the correct procedures to follow.

Here at Seton, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workplace safety signs and equipment. All of our signs are designed to be easily understandable and highly-visible, featuring bright and contrasting colours. By selecting material and fixing options to suit your requirements, you can ensure that your signs keep you fully compliant with laws and regulations for years to come.

Materials and Fixings

We offer a range of Sign Fixings, including double-sided tape for indoor signage, and a strong permanent adhesive for affixing notices in outdoor areas. Selecting No Access Signs with pre-drilled holes will make it easier to put them up safely and securely.

Our signs are available in a variety of materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All of our signs can be supplied with our optional Durasign coating, a clear gloss overlaminate film, are resistant to UV damage and vandalism, and in a range of sizes, so you can ensure they are seen no matter what the size of your working environment.

For an approach that’s more specific to your requirements, there is the option of using our custom sign service. These signs are prepared with the text of your choice, which we will ensure complies with current legislative expectations. Seton’s extensive range of products are fully compliant with health and safety guidelines.