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Power Lockout

Need help? Need help? How will power lockout devices benefit you? Using an effective lockout-tagout procedure can greatly reduce the risk of accidents at work. Power sockets, including plugs and switches, can cause serious accidents, so use items from our range of power lockout devices to ensure that plugs and switches cannot be turned on or off by unauthorised personnel.

Accident prevention is an important part of a good health and safety strategy, and failure to do this may leave you in breach of the laws. Using power lockout devices and other safety equipment available at Seton will enable you to keep your workers safe and in compliance with legal regulations.

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Electrical Power Isolation: Buying Guide

Electrical problems can cause a range of injuries that can be serious or even fatal. Moreover, they are also a common cause of fires. If this problem lies with the power source, it is necessary to lockout the plug or switch using a power lockout device. Of course, sometimes the opposite might be true. It may be necessary for a plug or switch to remain on, to power an essential piece of equipment, and the consequences of turning it off may just be inconvenient or could also be dangerous. Whatever your needs, we have a power lockout device that can help you in your lockout-tagout strategy.

We are one of the leading suppliers of workplace safety products, and so you can shop with confidence knowing that the power lockout devices and other products are going to be made to a high standard. These are all made from durable materials such as plastic and polycarbonate, which can cope well with challenging environments.

The range includes a number of devices to cover a socket, such as power protection seals and covers that can be used to prevent a plug from being removed or the switch from being turned on or off. The range also includes devices for locking out wall switches and industrial power sources. Some of the devices need to be used in conjunction with lockout safety padlocks, we supply a comprehensive range of padlocks so that you have everything that you need to use your power lockout devices straight away.

It is always annoying to have a piece of equipment accidentally unplugged while it is in use. You can make sure that everyone can see when a power socket is in use with our 'Do Not Unplug' signs. These fit over a plug and come in an eye-catching design with bold writing to make it obvious that the plug should not be interfered with, one way or the other.

Ensuring that you have everything you need to fully comply with the health and safety regulations can seem like a daunting task, we have a range of health and safety training dvd's and posters as well as our specific lockout tagout training course available on a handy USB drive.

Electricity is essential for running a business, and for the most part, we can use electrical equipment without thinking of the dangers. However, electrical accidents can be serious, so take a look at our range of electrical safety equipment to make sure that you have taken every step to keep your electricals in a safe condition. Our power lockout devices and other items in the lockout-tagout range can help you effectively deal with any faults, so make sure that they are always easy to find by using items from our range of lockout storage boxes.

While electricity can always carry risks, by using power lockout devices whenever necessary, you can have peace of mind that you have taken effective steps to minimise the risks and ensure the safety of your employees.