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Grip Gloves

Some employers find that their employees hesitate to wear the safety gloves they are given because they are concerned about not being able to grip objects when doing so. With gloves like these, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our range of grip gloves is designed for those situations when you want an enhanced grip, better than most workers can manage unaided, and they offer protection as well. Exactly what kind of protection is best suited to your workplace is something you will have to decide for yourself, but we are confident that you will find the perfect gloves to suit your needs right here.

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Choosing Gloves With Grip

All the grip gloves we stock here at Seton are made from high-quality materials and designed to give your employees a firm grip on whatever they are working with while protecting their hands. There are, however, important differences between the many types we offer.

Glove Texture

Wanting a firm grip does not always mean wanting to grip objects in the same way. When we are using our hands, we grip objects in all sorts of ways. Some of the grip gloves we stock are textured all over and designed to work in precisely this sort of situation, but in most situations, we find employees want to grip either with their fingers or their whole hand.

Some of our gloves are designed to put the focus on the fingers and are ideal for more delicate tasks, while others are textured across the palm and are well suited to tasks that involve lifting, pulling or pushing with the hands. The latter type includes gloves that are specially designed to resist abrasive damage so you can use them, for instance, when moving bricks or breeze blocks on a construction site.

Anti-Slip Gloves

We stock gloves designed to work in a variety of circumstances that can make a real difference. For instance, our wet grip gloves resist objects sliding even if you are working in the rain. We have others that are specially designed for working with oily objects, so the wearer can avoid dropping them no matter how slippery they are.

Grip Gloves With Extra Protection

Our grip gloves are designed to offer varying levels of hand protection. The most lightweight varieties do not provide a lot of protection, but they are practical for day-to-day tasks where you want to maximise dexterity. Some of our heavier gloves are padded to protect the wearer from cuts and scratches, and some can also cushion hands, preventing bruising.

Grip Glove Materials

The variety of materials used in these gloves means some are also waterproof, oil-proof or resistant to mildly corrosive chemicals, all of which can be useful in specific types of working environment. If you encounter substances like this, you will need to choose gloves you can clean easily, and we are glad to say that this is a straightforward task with most gloves in our selection. This means your employees can avoid accidentally spreading dirt when they are working.

All the gloves in our selection are designed to be comfortable and pleasant to wear, even over long periods. You will, however, need to talk to your staff about allergies so you can select materials that no individual will have a problem with. With so many to choose from, you should have no difficulty finding something suitable, even if you end up selecting multiple types for different employees and tasks.