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First Aid Kit Refills

Need help? Need help? Need helping finding a refill for your kit? Providing an ample supply of first aid products is an employer's legal duty. We make restocking first aid kits and stations easy with our vast range of first aid kit refills. From British Standard Compliant assortments to solutions tailored for child care, sports and catering, we have a refill that will ensure on-site individuals will be able to administer first aid as required following an accident. You can purchase many of these packages in different sizes to suit your requirements. First aid is an essential component of a robust health and safety strategy, so make sure you are stocked and ready for every emergency.
Choosing the right kit refill.

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Our Range Of First Aid Refill Kits

To comply with the minimum first aid standards that you are legally required to meet in the workplace, the British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits Refills have everything you need. This refill is an affordable and convenient way to stock up essential items, such as wash-proof plasters, dressings and wipes, so you can immediately attend to cuts, grazes and wounds. It is suitable for use as a standalone solution or as part of a more extensive first aid setup, which you can purchase from across our first aid supplies section.

We have several refills designed for different industries and working environments. For example, the Large Sports First Aid Kit Refill includes products for physiotherapists to apply immediate treatment following an injury during a football, rugby or cricket match. It also includes sport-focused items, such as ice packs and freeze sprays, that are great for soothing aching muscles, reducing swelling and treating inflammation. The Sports & Outdoor First Aid Kit builds on this foundation and adds survival equipment, such as a whistle and a compass for hiking, bike rides, camping and other recreational activities.

The First Aid Catering Station Refills are perfect for environments where food is regularly prepared, such as kitchens, while the Refill for Child Care First Aid is suitable for use as a sustainable restocking solution for nurseries, infant schools and childminders. Providing first aid assistance is a pressing issue in schools where slips and falls are a common occurrence, and this kit packs in all the much-needed items to treat injuries and soothe distressed young children.

In some working environments, there is often a need to clean up hazardous substances such as vomit, urine and blood in a quick and efficient manner. The First Aid Biohazard Station Refills include a combination clean-up kit and burns kit to treat potentially serious injuries and ensure working spaces are clean and safe for employees and visitors to use. It has everything required to restock a station, and you can purchase them in different bundles depending on your requirements.

Providing workers with first aid equipment when they are off site is also a legal requirement for employers. With the British Standard Compliant Vehicle First Aid Kit Refills, you will be able to conveniently restock kits with dressings, bandages, plasters, gloves and more, ensuring that employees have access to first aid on the go. This refill has been designed by medical professionals based on research and accident statistics, which means employees will have the essentials to treat common ailments. We also offer BS Compliant Travel First Aid Kit Refills for use by employees when they are visiting other premises or working at another site away from the main premises. This refill is tailored for one individual and is the most convenient solution for supplying first aid to contractors and freelancers.