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Welding & Heat Resistant Gloves

Need help? Need help? How to instantly find the right glove for your team? UK's Best Heat Resistant Gloves with Fast delivery

When your workers deal with radiant or contact heat, welding and heat-resistant gloves are essential. We have a wide selection of EN 388 compliant heat resistant gloves to choose from. These heavy-duty gloves are comfortable enough to wear for long working hours. For more guidance take a look at our product guide.

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Choosing Heat Proof Gloves

We have put together a selection of welding and heat-resistant gloves suitable for a range of different jobs involving heat that are compliant with the EN 407 glove standard. However, you will need to make sure you find the appropriate ones for the specific jobs your employees are doing. These gloves provide varying levels of protection and are designed with different secondary priorities such as flexibility, grip and resistance to other types of hazard.

All the gloves you find here are designed to be comfortable, because your workers should not have to put up with chafing and cannot afford to be distracted when doing potentially dangerous work. Individual needs vary, however, and it is a good idea to discuss any allergy issues with employees before making your choices.

Protection/Flexibility Trade-off

As with many types of protective workwear, there is inevitably some compromise between protection and flexibility. The toughest of our heat-resistant gloves can provide short-term protection even in direct contact with molten metal, but they are quite stiff. For tasks where employees are in close contact with heat, but not at risk of being splashed or otherwise exposed to hot materials, more lightweight options such as Honeywell Jersey Gloves are available which make it easier to perform complex tasks.

As a rule, our toughest heat-resistant gloves also provide the best padding, but we stock gloves that are padded in various ways, so you will need to think about where your employees are likely to need padding most, if they need it at all. It can protect hands from bruising during the repeated performance of heavy manual tasks and reduce the risk of punctures.

All the gloves in our selection are made from high-quality materials and should enjoy a long life, but like all safety gear they should be checked regularly to make sure their integrity has not been compromised.

As they are made from a variety of different materials, these gloves offer differing levels of protection from water, oil and mildly-corrosive substances. You should consider the probability of exposure to substances like this and how you will clean and look after the gloves when making your choices.

The gloves we stock also vary in the grip they provide and in where that grip is located. Some, like the Ansell Activarmr® are textured all over and allow a lot of flexibility, making it possible to grip things at odd angles. Others are only really designed to grip with the fingers, while some allow for a whole-hand grip, such as on a shovel. You will need to work out what is most practical for your purposes.

Some employers decide to buy multiple types of gloves for different purposes, but if this is your approach, make sure employees only change gloves at a safe distance from heat sources.

Why Are Heat Resistant Gloves Needed?

There are a number of roles within various businesses that might involve tasks that require heat resistant gloves. The obvious one of course is welding which is why you will often hear heat resistant gloves referred to as welding gloves, but be aware that not all heat proof gloves are suitable gloves for welding. Your employees may also need heat resistant gloves if they work with hot metal or other hot objects, operate near sparks, flames or very hot surfaces, or are exposed to very hot temperatures within the workplace.

How Are Heat Resistant Gloves Rated?

Heat resistant gloves receive a rating known as a EN 407 rating. There are 6 numbers in EN 407 ratings, each of which indicates the glove’s ability to withstand a particular hazard. The first number applies to the flammability of the glove, and the next five indicate the glove’s resistance to contact heat, convective hear, radiant heat, small splashes of molten metal, and larger splashes of molten metal. You can find out more about EN 407 ratings here, along with details of how the gloves are tested. It is important to check these ratings and ensure that all gloves are suitable to the type of work being done by the wearers.

You may also come across references to EN 388 in connection with heat resistant gloves or welding gloves. This is a European standard used to assess various types of protective clothing to measure resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing and puncturing.

How Do I Choose The Right Heat Resistant Gloves?

Which gloves you will need will depend on the type of work being done in your workplace. You will need to carry out a thorough risk assessment of heat hazards on your business premises, and equip workers accordingly. Ensure that anyone involved in welding is equipped with high quality welding gloves. If your workers work around hot surfaces you will probably need gloves with a high ‘contact heat’ rating, and so on.

Check out our information on ratings for heat resistant gloves if you need to, and always read the product description of any work gloves you buy carefully, to see if they are suitable for the tasks they will be used for. Remember to factor in the amount of flexibility needed, as stressed above, and ensure gloves offer the right heat protection and an appropriate degree of flexibility for all the tasks they will be used for.

Ensuring Employees Wear Their Heat Resistant Gloves

It is important that relevant employees are trained in the importance of heat resistant gloves and other Personal Protective Clothing, if they are working around heat, sparks or open flames. They should be briefed in the proper use of heat resistant gloves and the importance of always wearing them when at risk of heat hazards in the work place.

Some workplaces may require the use of different types of gloves and other PPE for different tasks. When this is the case, employees should be instructed to leave the hazardous area, change their equipment, and then return. Remember that safety signs installed in strategic places can be a highly useful way to remind employees of the proper use of their safety equipment and protective clothing. As an added precaution, it is vital to have specialist first aid supplies available in any areas where employees are at risk of burns or other injuries.

Best Heat Resistant Gloves and Welding gloves

Here at Seton we have a wide variety of heat resistant gloves to choose from. Here are some of our most popular heat-proof gloves.

  • Eurotechnique® Welding Gloves with Cuff – Manufactured from split cow leather with a 150 mm cuff to provide protection to the wrist and lower arm. These durable and highly affordable gloves for welding provide heat protection up to 100oC and conform to EN 388 and EN 407.

  • Honeywell Supertherma Heat Proof Gloves – These 100% Kevlar® heat proof gloves have a triple thick palm, thumb and fingers, and also offer protection against cuts and punctures. Flexible and ergonomic, they have a class 5 Dexterity rating.

  • Ansell Crusader Flex® Heat Resistant Gloves – Heat proof gloves with improved grip, tear and cut resistance, and excellent flexibility. High comfort level and suitable for wearing over longer periods of time. Conform to EN 388 and EN 407 and are suitable for intermittent dry heat contact of up to 180oC.

  • Polyco® Weldmaster® Leather Welding Gloves – Durable, heat-resistant, and highly affordable, these welding gloves are suitable for heavy duty thermal welding or automotive manufacturing, as well as light mechanical handling.

We are always happy to help you choose from our range of heat resistant gloves and welding gloves, and ensure your choices meet the needs of your business and employees. If you have any questions about our gloves or other protective clothing, please contact us and have a chat with one of our friendly experts.