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5S Posters and Signs

When thinking about 5S principles you will undoubtedly need to look at exactly how staff and visitors move around your premises and use equipment. In order to make your workplace efficient you will want to standardise operations and ensure everyone is acting within set parameters.

Posters and signs are a good way to direct people around your site and instruct them in the best way to do everything from operating machinery to keeping areas clean and clutter-free. Information on posters will be quickly absorbed and the principles of 5S working can be explained in a clear, concise manner. To find out more about 5S training posters, how to ensure signs are effective and discover our useful custom-create tool, read our product guide.

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5S Signs Checklist

5S Signs within your workplace should:
  • Be large enough to read at a distance

  • Convey a clear message

  • Identify processes and/or equipment

  • Be eye-catching and colour coded where necessary

Create Your Own 5S Signage

Seton’s handy custom-create tool will allow you to design signs with wording that applies specifically to your situation and location. As well as directions for the safe operation of equipment or how to carry out a particular process, slogans can be created to remind everyone to work efficiently.

The possibilities are endless, but 5S suggestions include:
  • Survival of the Cleanest!

  • Be a Red Tag Demon

  • So, What’s Wrong?

  • Do You Have to Look?

  • Tidiness Means Safety

Posters and 5S Training Material

Constantly updating and evaluating your workplace efficiency measures is a crucial part of the success of any changes you make. Staff training is an integral part of this so easy to understand instructional posters, displayed at key locations around your site are essential. These can be a useful tool in ensuring everyone knows the basic principles of 5S and how to get the best out of them.