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Fire Door Seals

Need help? Need help? Which fire door seal do you need? Top Quality Fire Door Seals - UK's Best

Fire is one of the most damaging disasters that a business can experience. From the costs associated with rebuilding compromised structures to the time and budget needed to replace destroyed tools and data, recovering from a blaze is a critically expensive endeavour. This is especially true if any employees were harmed in the emergency because employers generally have a duty of care to protect those in the workplace and can potentially be held liable for injuries.

Adhering to building regulations and investing in emergency planning and prevention are not always quick or easy processes, but a comprehensive strategy paired with fire safety accessories such as effective fire door seals can save employers and employees alike from severe tragedy and hardship.

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Protect Your Workplace With Quality Fire Door Seals

The importance of fire door smoke seals in the workplace

Fire seals are essential to workplace safety, and a product that offers smoke as well as fire protection is the best solution. Smoke inhalation has been the leading cause of fire-related death since at least 2009, killing 34% of fire victims from April 2018 to March 2019 alone. Rather than focusing solely on containing the blaze itself, in other words, minimising the spread of smoke as much as possible has the potential to save lives.

While there are fire-only options available for purchase, intumescent door strips that offer both fire and smoke protection keep employees safe from the two major threats, while granting them more time to recognise the need to evacuate.

  • Fire door smoke seals trap fire and smoke for as long as possible to prevent serious damage to buildings as well as the people within them.

  • From simple fire seals to more comprehensive options such as intumescent strips, fire door strips are a great option to fireproof the workplace without the need for major renovations.

  • Functional door gap shields can also help to save fingers from being trapped between doors and door frames, while quickly melting in the event of a fire to avoid boosting the spread of the blaze.

Our workplace safety experts understand the costs involved in recovering from serious fires and are dedicated to helping our clients find the best type of intumescent seal for their needs.

The benefits of emergency planning in the workplace

Because employers are often designated as the individual responsible for the safety of the workplace and the workforce within it, fires can often prove to have hidden costs beyond the initial damage that meets the eye. The cost of recovering from smoke and fire damage alone is often astronomical, especially when the potential loss of data is taken into consideration. Beyond those concerns, however, is potentially an even more expensive problem: compensation.

UK employees injured at work may be entitled to compensation from their employers. This means that taking no action to ensure the safety of the workforce in the event of a fire can result in recovery costs as well as money spent compensating injured staff.

Our best fire seals

The right seal for your business often depends upon the risks specific to your workplace. However, there are a few general-purpose solutions available that can help to improve fire safety quite considerably.

  • Intumescent door seals offer superior fire protection to keep employees as safe as possible for as long as possible.

  • Seals offering both smoke and fire protection at the same time, such as intumescent smoke seals, help to minimise the spread of both threats.

  • Door gap shields designed to avoid finger injury during normal use are a good option for any space where children or animals might roam. It is particularly important to choose a product such as our DigitSafe Door Gap Shield that melts if exposed to fire in order to avoid fuelling the blaze.

For more information about employer responsibilities and the protection of employees in the workplace, read our comprehensive fire safety guide.