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Hard Hat Accessories

Many workplaces require workers to wear a hard hat to prevent serious head injuries. Hard hat accessories will enhance the protection provided to workers by a hard hat. At Seton, we have an extensive range of hard hats and a number of hard hat accessories to accompany them.

The serious and occasionally even fatal consequences of head injuries are a real hazard to workers in many industries. Providing protective clothing, including hard hats, will reduce these risks and ensure you comply with the safety laws. The hard hat accessories in the range at Seton will further improve the safety standards at your workplace so have a look at our buying guide.

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Buying Hard Hat Accessories

Construction sites, warehouses and manufacturing industries are just some of the work sites that frequently require their workers to wear hard hats to protect their heads from the consequences of a bump or a blow from a falling object. Hard hat accessories will improve the safety and convenience of the hard hats, helping workers on your premises stay even safer.

For a hard hat to be effective, it needs to be securely fitted, and in the range of hard hat accessories at Seton, we include a chin strap to improve the fit and comfort of hard hats for your workers. In the event of an accident, prompt treatment can make all the difference, and any information about the casualty will be invaluable. Use ID tags from the range of hard hat accessories to provide information about your workers. They attach to the hard hat without impairing its function, but will provide vital information in the event of an injury.

The storage of hard hats is very important to improve the convenience and efficiency of the work premises. The magnetic hard hat hooks in the range of hard hat accessories at Seton make for an easy storage solution. With easy magnetic attachment, these hooks are quick to install, making sure the required hard hats are ready for when they are needed. Make sure everyone knows to wear a hard hat by displaying our head protection signs in a clear location, before workers enter the hazardous area.

Providing the appropriate protective equipment is a legal requirement for companies whose workers are required to enter hazardous areas. Understanding all the laws around health and safety is something many employers find tricky and the uncertainty can cause considerable anxiety. At Seton, we aim to make the task of keeping everyone on your premises safe much easier. We stock a vast range of personal protective equipment and other safety equipment designed to improve safety in many different circumstances. We make sure all of our products comply with the current UK and EU safety laws and are always happy to offer advice if you are unsure which product is right for you.

Hard hat accessories are not the only products that can be used in conjunction with your hard hats to improve the safety and comfort of workers on your premises. Take a look at our range of liners, heating and cooling accessories to enable hard hat wearers to stay comfortable, whatever the temperature.

Blows to the head can result in serious injuries, but thanks to the range of hard hat accessories to enhance the protection of your hard hats, the severity of injuries can be significantly reduced. With our range of hard hat accessories and other safety equipment, taking care of your workers has never been easier.