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Anti-Climb Solutions

Need help? Need help? More information on Anti-Climb Solutions On-site security is essential for business premises; as safeguarding company assets is crucial in allowing your workforce to continue trading and remain productive. By investing in products such as our Anti-Climb Solutions you can achieve effective protection for your business from unwanted guests; making things considerably easier for those in charge of security.

Our Anti-Climb Solutions offer a great first line of defence against intruders. Our anti-climb products are available in several options, providing you with comprehensive solutions when it comes to safeguarding the perimeter of your premises; as well as internal areas. Ideally, these would be further enhanced by the other safety precautions we have available.

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Why Invest in Anti-Climb Solutions?

Protecting your premises from intruders can be difficult - it often requires considerable amounts of labour and planning in order to work effectively. As security is of key importance to business and premises owners, deploying simple yet effective anti-climb solutions around your property can help safeguard it from potential intruders.

Not only do Anti-Climb Solutions put off would-be intruders from trying to gain access, but it actually prevents them from being able to climb to areas that would allow them to. This protects your premises from potential damage, vandalism and theft.

Anti-Climb Options

Seton is a market leader in all things health and safety, and our cutting-edge collection of Site & Facilities Equipment for businesses is second-to-none. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the high quality products you need at a great price, and our Anti-Climb Solutions are no exception.

For example, our Anti-Climb Paint is a popular, easy to deploy solution for those needing to protect their property. This non-drying, oil-based paint remains wet after application leaving a constantly slippery surface. This prevents intruders getting a firm grip on areas of buildings or walls that they could use to scale the premises and force access. Brushed onto drainpipes or fencing, this paint acts as an effective deterrent against intruders and prevents vandals or potential burglars from accessing your property.

As a side note, wherever Anti-Climb Paint has been applied, Safety Signs should be displayed to clearly state this and warn members of the public that it is in operation. Furthermore, this paint must always be applied from 2 metres above ground level.

Another great solution would be our Prickler Strips – a simple, cost efficient and effective method to help prevent intruders accessing your premises. These strips are moulded from waterproof, durable and long-lasting plastic and are an uncomfortable, painful surface over which to climb. Although they look decorative when placed on the top of walls, ledges and fencing; these lightweight and easy to install strips are primarily a fantastic deterrent that are even more effective when deployed alongside other solutions.

We also sell industrial quality Fixing Adhesive to help secure your new Anti-Climb Solutions in place.

Other Security Precautions

We understand the importance of security to business and premises owners and stock a wide variety of Security Equipment to help safeguard your property and those who access it.

Safety Signs are one of the best security precautions you can take, as you can deter a lot of security threats form occurring for very little expense. Our range of Security & CCTV Signs includes notices such as ‘Anti-Climb Product In Use’ Signs, ‘24 Hour CCTV In Operation’ Signs and ‘Caution Guard Dogs on Patrol’ Signs - all of which are very off-putting to a would-be intruder.

Our range of CCTV Cameras & Alarms can also help you to enforce good security practices on your site, and have the added benefit of helping your employees and visitors feel more secure.

To discuss your options in more detail, a member of our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help and guide you in the right direction. Our expert advisors are knowledgeable in all things relating to health, safety and security in the workplace and can recommend tailor-made solutions, bespoke to your needs.