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Indoor Barriers

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Indoor barriers play a crucial role in ensuring safety in the workplace by raising awareness of potential hazards and restricting access to those areas. Keeping staff and visitors safe will always be a priority for companies therefore owning quality safety products is an important business investment.

We supply a large range of indoor barriers and guards that will meet all your safety requirements and keep your people safe. All our barriers meet the health and safety standards that are required in the UK and EU so you can shop safe in the knowledge that your indoor barriers are fully compliant.

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Where to Use Indoor Barriers

Specially designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, Seton’s indoor barriers are ideally suited for warehouses and other indoor work environments.

Indoor barriers can be used for a variety of purposes, from acting as general maintenance barriers to serving as an effective crowd control system. Many models feature reflective panels or strips, to enhance their visibility and create a strong visual warning of a potential hazard.

An effective tool for keeping people safe, as well as protecting machinery or other assets, indoor barriers are ideal for cordoning off an area for maintenance work, acting as a temporary demarcation, or serving as a stable and effective pedestrian barrier system.

Easy to Maintain and Deploy

Our indoor barriers are easy to carry, transport and store so that when they are not in use they can be stacked securely and then deployed rapidly if needed in an emergency.

Designed to lock together without the need for special tools, you can create a highly noticeable barrier of any length, quickly and easily. Different formations can be made depending on whether you require a straight-line barrier or if you need to surround a hazard or restrict access to a work area.

Constructed from tough, colourfast, water-resistant and temperature resistant materials, our indoor barriers are easy to clean and will not rot, rust, chip or corrode.

Innovation and Design

Seton has a wide array of safety barriers to suit all your needs, including our work safety barriers available in 3- gate and 4-gate formations. Our SuperGard Barrier System features patented snap-on hinges, which allows linking of panels and sets with speed and ease. Our innovative General Hazard 360 Floor Stand has a unique design which ensures that its hazard warning pictograms can be seen from all angles. Because of their ingenious design, Seton’s 360 degree floor stands cannot accidentally fall over. When they are not in use, you can simply dismantle them for easy storage. Also, be sure to check out our Restricted Access 360 Floor Stand and our Slippery Surface 360 Floor Stand.

Which Safety Barriers Do I Need?

The safety barriers that you purchase will depend on your individual business requirements. It is useful to have a selection of barriers to be prepared to deal with any eventuality that may arise. Retractable and expandable barriers can be very useful in offering flexibility over fixed length barriers. Elevator guards are perfect for keeping users safe when an elevator is undergoing maintenance. Our HandiGard Indoor Barrier is ideally suited for cordoning off work areas and incorporates snap-on hinges to allow you to create your own desired barrier length or formation.


Do Indoor Barriers prevent accidents?

Indoor safety barriers are an effective way to warn people and to restrict access to any potentially hazardous areas. Work safety is of paramount importance and even small hazards such as spills can present a danger to employees and visitors to your premises. If you can clearly indicate a hazard or cordon off a maintenance area with a safety barrier then you will immediately increase awareness and thereby create a safer work environment for all. Safety is made easy with Seton.

Why are safety barriers different colours?

Yellow and black generally signifies indoor use and is easy to spot because of the bright yellow. Red and white is for outdoor use (or indoor and outdoor use).

What else do I need for workplace safety?

Our HandiGard Barrier Base Unit helps to provide extra stability for your safety barriers.Floor marking tape can complement your safety signs and safety barriers. As well as our extensive range of indoor barriers, Seton supplies barriers for your carpark and other outdoor barriers