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Disposable Gloves

Need help? Need help? Get the right gloves for your budget Top-Rated Disposable Gloves – Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl

More and more businesses now use disposable gloves to prevent the spread of infection, particularly gloves made of latex, which are generally considered to be the hand protection solution most useful against viruses and infections. Depending on your circumstances, you may find that chemical resistant, nitrile, or even vinyl gloves, are a potential alternative to latex gloves.

Not all work gloves need to be high-grade medical gloves or sterile gloves, but it is vital that you pick the appropriate disposable gloves for the risks your employees are exposed to.

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Advantages Of Throw Away Gloves

Having single use gloves available is advisable so that they can be used by visitors or temporary workers who come to your premises. They are also essential for occasions when hygiene demands that gloves should only be worn once to prevent the spread of infections and contaminants. Disposable gloves are ideal for use in many workplace environments, including medical, food handling and laboratories.

The disposable gloves in the range at Seton come in packs of 50 pairs, up to 200 pairs, making them excellent value for money. All are comfortable to wear and are designed to allow the user to operate without loss of dexterity.

Because every workplace is different, we have a wide variety in stock so you can choose the gloves that best suit your requirements. Many work gloves are designed with a specific use in mind, including those suitable for use in food manufacturing, and disposable chemical gloves resistant to specific substances. Some are powdered, which makes them easier to put on and to efficiently absorb sweat during use, but for those who want to reduce contaminants, we also have several powder-free options.

The cuffs of certain disposable gloves are fitted to prevent contaminants from entering the glove, and the strong but thin material allows for precise handling and sensitive touch. If you have employees with a latex allergy, choose from our selection of latex-free and low allergen products.

Disposable gloves play a vital role in protecting the wearer from infections and irritations which can be caused by the substances they are using. They also help prevent a user from transmitting dirt and pathogens, which is particularly essential in food handling, medical and caring roles.

Summary Of Disposable Gloves Benefits

  • Thow away after use for improved hygiene

  • Available in dispensing boxes for easy access

  • Products with textured fingertips and palms can help give more grip

  • Available with beaded or rolled cuffs for additional sturdiness and prevention of liquid roll-back

  • Potentially have light powdering to absorb sweat and ease wearing

  • If the correct size is selected a close fit can help increase dexterity and comfort

  • Available with low allergens to prevent irritation

  • Ideal for use in laboratory and hospital procedures, pharmaceutical work, electronics manufacturing and repair, inspection, and food handling

Providing disposable gloves can do a great deal to prevent injury and the spread of infection. Make sure everyone understands when they need to wear their disposable gloves by clearly displaying signs from our range of hand protection signs.

It may seem a small measure, but by preventing the spread of infection, throwaway gloves can quite literally be a lifesaver. Protecting everyone on your premises is your obligation as an employer, and with the comprehensive range of products at Seton it has never been easier to find everything you need to keep your employees safe.


What Are Nitrile Gloves?

Made from a synthetic rubber compound, these gloves have a better puncture resistance, and better chemical resistance, than latex gloves or vinyl gloves. Chemical resistant nitrile gloves are commonly used in medical settings, as well as in the cleaning industry and food industry.

When purchasing disposable gloves, nitrile products are generally a more expensive option, however, they are more appropriate for those working in industries where chemical exposure and punctures are a hazard. As latex gloves are more resistant to viruses and infections, they are more commonly used as medical gloves and examination gloves, but nitrile may be a more suitable material in other settings, especially if the primary hazard is exposure to chemicals.

What Are the Best Latex Free Disposable Gloves?

When choosing disposable gloves, latex free options are available. Vinyl gloves are often the cheapest latex-free gloves. If being used to prevent infection, then you will need vinyl gloves with medical-grade protection. Nitrile gloves may be more suitable when working with chemicals and cleaning products.

Can Latex Disposable Gloves Be Recycled?

Many latex products, such as medical examination gloves and sterile gloves, are used in such a way that they will end up being disposed of in an infectious waste disposal system. If latex gloves have been used to work exclusively with non-toxic materials, it may occasionally be possible to recycle them, but this can only be done through specialist recycling programmes.

Most latex gloves are designed to be single-use, but it is possible to buy reusable latex gloves. These should of course only be used in situations where the gloves are not in contact with toxins, infections or food products. Latex is a natural material, derived from rubber plants, so is biodegradable over time, unlike synthetic vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves which are made from plastics.

Can Latex Gloves Expire?

Yes, latex gloves expire, so look for an expiry date on the packaging. The shelf life will depend partly on how and where they are stored but is usually around 3 to 5 years for single-use disposable latex gloves. Nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves tend to have a longer shelf life than latex gloves.

What Size Disposable Gloves Do I Need?

Gloves should fit snugly and be easy to put on and remove. It is hard to provide a perfect size guide as there will be a little variation between manufacturers. Generally, disposable gloves follow normal UK glove sizes. This means you can measure your hand with an ordinary fabric tape measure, around the widest point, excluding the thumb. Round this measurement (in inches) to the nearest half or whole number, and this is your glove size. Glove sizes in the UK come in half and whole numbers, between 6 and 11.

How to Safely Remove Disposable Gloves

1. Start by pinching the palm side of one glove on the outside near your wrist, and pull the glove slowly and carefully toward your fingertips, turning it inside out as you go.
2. Crumple the dirty glove into the palm of your still-gloved hand. Then slip two fingers under the wrist of the other glove, using skin on skin contact only (avoid touching the outside of the glove).
3. Peel the glove carefully toward your fingertips, turning it inside out as you pull it off your hand. One glove should now be contained inside the other, inside out glove.
4. Dispose of both gloves immediately, following infectious waste guidelines if necessary.

What Are the Best Disposable Gloves to Buy?

This will depend on your circumstances, but here are some of our popular disposable gloves.

Polyco Sterile Latex Gloves
Application: Pharmaceutical / Medical
Key features: Affordable, sterile and powder-free
Supplied in: Boxes of 25 pairs
Sizes available: 8 & 9 (M & L)

Uvex U-Fit Lite Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Application: Industry / Cleaning / Food Handling
Key features: Chemical resistant and food contact approved
Supplied in: Boxes of 100
Sizes available: 8 & 9 (M & L)

Polyco Powdered Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Application: Pharmaceutical / Hospital / Clinical
Key features: Beaded cuff for infection control
Supplied in: Boxes of 100 pairs
Sizes available: M

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of disposable gloves available, so if you have any questions, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for some advice.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure you are fully equipped to help your business deal with Coronavirus Infection Control, then we have everything you need.