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Safety Boots

Construction and industrial workplaces can be dangerous environments and it is the responsibility of the employer to take steps to protect their workforce. Safety boots are an important measure you can take in these demanding environments to protect the worker’s feet from the hazards involved in their work.

Complying with health and safety rules in the workplace is of vital importance for employers, and failure to do so can lead to serious consequences for the company, as well as increase the risk of injuries. Safety boots and other protective gear are straightforward measures that provide protection across the site.

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There are many hazards in the workplace and this is particularly true in construction, industrial and chemical companies. Uneven terrain, wet, cold, heavy objects and spills are just some of the hazards the feet will need to cope with. High-quality footwear will go a considerable way to protecting the feet in difficult conditions, and the range of safety boots at Seton has many options to suit your requirements.

When choosing safety boots for your workforce, it is important to consider what features are required. The safety boots in the range at Seton will provide a comfortable fit and good support for the foot, which is vital in physically demanding jobs where workers will need to spend a lot of time on their feet.
Providing adequate protective clothing when the hazard demands it is essential to comply with health and safety legislation. Many employers find negotiating the different UK and EU rules complicated, but when shopping at Seton you can have complete peace of mind. As a leading retailer of personal protective equipment, we make sure our safety boots comply with the current laws and will help prevent or reduce the severity of accidents.

For the uneven terrain of construction sites, boots that have a good grip and are shock absorbent will prevent slips and falls, which could result in serious injuries to any part of the body. Accidents cannot always be prevented, but it is often possible to reduce the severity of injuries. If duties in your workplace involve a lot of heavy lifting, safety boots with reinforced toecaps are ideal to protect the toes in the event of falling objects.

All of the safety boots will provide some protection from water, but if your employees work in particularly damp conditions or need to work outside in all weather conditions, we supply waterproof boots and water resistant boots to keep feet warm and dry.

Demanding environments put safety gear, and safety boots in particular, through a lot of wear and tear. The safety boots in the range at Seton are designed to be durable, with many featuring puncture and abrasion resistance to provide long-lasting protection of the feet.

Some of our range of safety boots are resistant to hazardous substances, including solvents, petrol and oil. Increase the protection of your safety boots by also providing overshoes and boot covers as found in our range of footwear accessories.

In physically demanding jobs, the feet have a key role in the wellbeing and productivity of the worker. Providing safety boots will increase the safety and comfort of those working on your site. A comfortable, well-fitting pair of good quality safety boots will not only reduce the risk of injuries, they will also increase the efficiency of your workers.