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Lockout Bags

Need help? Need help? How can lockout bags improve work safety procedures? With a full range of lockout equipment acquired to fulfil your lockout program, you will want to be sure that you have adequate storage for the devices used to carry out the lockout process. With our lockout bags you can ensure that not only will your equipment remain secure but that it will be mobile and easy to access when needed.

The lockout bags we supply encompass all manner of uses, some are used as lockout devices themselves and others offer a more standard storage and carrying capability, with our lockout bags you will always have lockout equipment where and when you need it most.

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Lockout Bags: Buying Guide

Deciding where to store your lockout equipment is an important part of the lockout process, and will prove invaluable when it comes time to enacting the procedures you have put in place to isolate the energy of machinery in need of maintenance or repair.

Our lockout bags help to fulfil a number of functions within lockout procedures. As storage they will prove invaluable. We supply a range of heavy duty lockout bags to allow for the storage of many lockout devices, since the devices come in all manner of shapes and sizes and have multiple functions for different types of energy isolation, many of our bags have fully customisable internal pockets, fastened by Velcro, this allows for them to stay in place and also be movable at a moment’s notice.

Due to their usage as storage for vital equipment the inside of the bags are made of soft yet strong material, so you will be sure that no damage to the devices themselves will be incurred from the possibly long term storage that they will endure within the bags. Some of our bags come fully stocked with a range of lockout devices, however we also supply a varied range of lockout kits, such as electrical lockout kits and valve lockout kits, these fall into different categories as there are specific areas that require specialised lockout devices.

Another facet of the lockout bag is use as a personal carry all, we supply bags that can be easily attached to a belt of work bag, and are small enough to be unobtrusive whilst still allowing the wearer to carry a useful amount of equipment such as padlocks, hasps or smaller circuit breaker lockout devices.

Additions for Your Lockout Kits

Our lockout safety bag provides yet another use for these versatile pieces of equipment, that of a lockout device itself. This innovative tool has been designed as a means to lockout large plugs and hydraulic leads from use. Simply by placing the plug into the bag and fastening the opening, you create a way of isolating power sources quickly and efficiently. You then have the option to secure the bag in place with multiple padlocks and hasps, another vital part of the lockout process.

The bags are not the only solution for storing your lockout equipment, we also supply a range of lockout boxes and cabinets, these provide much needed security and have versatile installation options. They are however not as mobile as the bags and many of the boxes are designed for storing padlocks and hasps, they enhance the security of your lockout process but the bags are much better for general storage of devices.

Our range of lockout stations is ideal for creating a centralised point that is used for the storage of lockout devices and lockout securing equipment, these units are an ideal addition to any lockout program. The highly visible and secure units, when placed in high traffic areas, ensure that when machinery malfunctions it will be locked out and safe for repair in minutes.

With our complete range of lockout storage options, you will ensure that your lockout program will meet health and safety legislation and decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents.