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Snow Ploughs

Investing in a snowplough is definitely worth considering, even if you don’t have a particularly large area of roadways and car parks. During bad weather, having the ability to clear snow off driveways, footpaths, entrances and car parks will prove invaluable and make navigating around a site much easier.

Despite their name suggesting that they are a large piece of machinery, snowploughs are easy to store, and ideal to simply pull out in the case of snowy weather. Our snowplough buying guide contains further information on which device to choose for your site and other equipment that can also be used to clear snow.

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Snow Clearing Equipment: Buying Guide

Snow and treacherous, wintery weather conditions can bring businesses to a halt, with ice and sleet making surfaces extremely dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Such weather often restricts employees and customers gaining access to your premises. This has a knock-on effect on productivity and profitability in the workplace and can present risks to the health and safety of those on-site.

There are several preventative procedures and supplies that can be implemented ahead of potential snowfall or icy weather, however, should the worst happen and your premises fall victim to a particularly deep fall of snow, tools and equipment such as snowploughs can help clear affected areas quickly.

What Type Of Snow Pusher or Plough Is Best?

Simply put - snowploughs are the smart way to clear snow. Unlike snow shovels, all you need to do is push your snowplough to clear a pathway, making them a much less labour-intensive alternative. Regardless of how much snow you have to move a snowplough will almost always be the easiest way to perform the task.

We stock a variety of snowploughs to suit every budget and site size. For smaller locations; choose from standard one-man snowploughs ideal for shifting snow up to 15cm deep or adjustable snow pushers that take the strain out of clearing paths. Alternatively, if your premises are in an area prone to particularly heavy snowfalls, our heavy-duty snowploughs would be more suitable.

Finally, for very large sites such as car parks a forklift truck snowplough will make clearing vast areas simple.

Snow Equipment That’s Ready for Anything

When winter hits and temperatures drop, it’s crucial to prepare your workplace and ensure that it remains safe for all those who access it. As well as using a snowplough to clear snow once it’s fallen, other items we stock, such as de-icing products, white rock salt, salt spreaders and grit & salt bins, all work to store, clear and prevent the hazards cold weather and snow bring.

As Well As Snow Removal, What Other Safety Measures Can I Put Into Place?

Sometimes it’s impossible to predict when the weather will take a turn for the worst; but monitoring the local weather forecasts and being alert to snow warnings can help you prepare your premises accordingly, and be proactive in your approach to on-site health and safety. If snow or weather warnings are issued in your area, spreading a thin layer of de-icing products, grit or white rock salt will prevent snow from sticking to surfaces, making it easier to clear later. Having the right snow and safety supplies, such as snowploughs, stored on-site will make the world of difference during bad weather, and help keep your staff and visitors safe.