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Fire Alarm Sounders & Beacons

Need help? Need help? Discover the benefits of fire alarm sounders & beacons UK-Rated Fire Alarm Sounders & Beacons from the Experts

A fire alarm sounder and fire alarm beacon can be an essential part of an addressable fire alarm system on your work premises. Fire alarm sounders and beacons provide an audible and visual warning in the event of a fire, ensuring that everyone on the premises is alerted to the potential danger. An addressable fire alarm sounder and beacon system is generally installed inside a building, mounted on a base, and should be an integrated part of your fire safety system, along with other fire safety equipment and signage, as indicated by your risk assessment.

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Some Things to Consider During a Risk Assessment

  • Fire hazards in the workplace

  • People who are at risk

  • Areas of high-risk

  • Potential sources of ignition, fuel, and oxygen, including flammable substances and materials, chemicals, high voltage, etc.

  • All workers, customers and visitors to your premises, plus people especially at risk, either because of specific work activities or other issues, such as disabilities

  • Areas where the chance of a fire is high or where conditions may prevent people from immediately responding to a potential fire

Responses required
  • Eliminate, reduce and minimise hazards, and add clear warning signage around hazards that remain, along with appropriate fire safety equipment for detection, warning, and fire fighting

  • Evaluate, remove or reduce risks. Consider needs for PPE, warning signs, special training and fire safety equipment, including specialised equipment such as fire alarm beacons

  • Specialised equipment and training for those working in high-risk areas – including beacons in high noise areas or areas requiring ear protection

Fire Alarm Sounder Regulations

All fire detection and fire alarm systems in business buildings should conform to British Standard 5839-1, which sets out recommendations covering the planning, design, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems in and around commercial buildings.

In addition, from January 2014, any Visible Alarm Device (VAD) installed and used as the primary means of warning within a fire alarm system must conform to EN54-23. This is a European Standard with specified criteria that must be met regarding visual alarm devices that use a pulsing or flashing beacon.

It is advisable that UK business owners and managers are familiar with all fire safety regulations and guidelines as laid out on the Health and Safety Executive website. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers general fire safety in England and Wales. Remember that a proper risk assessment should be carried out on all business premises to ascertain which fire hazards are present, and whether you need an addressable fire alarm sounder and beacon as part of your fire detection and warning system.


Do I Need Fire Alarm Sounders?

Fire alarm sounders are a vital element of your fire detection and warning system. They ensure a strong, recognisable, audible warning to alert everyone on the premises in the event of a fire. Some modern fire alarm sounders allow you to choose the warning sound type and level to ensure it is appropriate for the location of the sounder, and that it is loud enough to be heard by everyone in the area. Your risk assessment will help you determine how many fire alarm sounders you need, and where to place them.

Do I Need Fire Alarm Beacons?

Flashing or pulsing fire alarm beacons should be used in conjunction with sounders and are often designed as a single unit. The visual warning provided by a fire alarm beacon can be vital, providing a method of warning to everyone in the vicinity, regardless of the environment. Flashing beacons can alert those with hearing impairments and are also an important extra warning in some factory and workshop settings. This is particularly the case in areas where there is a high level of background noise and where workers may be wearing ear protection that could limit their ability to hear a sounder. Again, you will need a risk assessment to ascertain how many fire alarm beacons, or combined beacons and sounders, you need, and where to locate them.

Do I Need A Separate Fire Alarm Sounder and Fire Alarm Beacon?

You do not need two separate pieces of equipment. It is possible to buy a fire alarm sounder beacon that provides both a visual and audible warning. This cuts down on costs and installation time. When planning your fire safety, however, you will need to look at a number of factors, including any existing equipment, and decide how to add to it to ensure that you are covered in terms of fire safety across your premises.

What Are the Best Fire Alarm Sounders and Beacons for My Business?

This will depend on the conditions within your business, but here are a few of our popular fire alarm sounders, beacons and bases:

  • Flashing Sounder Beacon – This flashing sounder beacon is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to separate light and noise units. With high output audio and visual alerts.

  • Squashni Sounder Base – This fire alarm sounder base has low current consumption and is compatible with a wide range of European detectors.

  • XP95 Intelligent Sounder – A robust and highly visible unit for use in open areas. The built-in isolator protects the system from short circuits.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of fire safety equipment. If you would like to chat about your needs and requirements, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.