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Need help? Need help? How to promote better hygiene using sack holders? Sackholders could prove an economical solution when it comes to waste management at your business and at Seton we have a range of these useful items available. A sackholder consists of a suspended sack-mounting ring, most often with a lid – you then simply need to add the liner of your choice. These items come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are constructed from a range of materials, and some types may be linked together. Whether you are looking for galvanised outdoor solutions, permanent wall-mounted bins, temporary placement bins or sleek plastic wheeled devices, we have something suitable for you.

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Sack Holder Bins: Buying Guide

Open-top sackholders are useful in a high-traffic area, whether it is outdoors at a concert, or in a busy passageway or a school playground – refuse may be easily tossed in. We have free-standing or wall-mounted units available.

Consider which type of bin liner you need for your purpose. Utility black sacks can be used, for example, in a workshop or laundry area. However, if you are setting up a waste separation station, use large, brightly coloured recycling bags. These bags have been made from reusable material and, of course, are biodegradable. Use them in one of our purpose-made recycling sackholders, or label a standard wall-mounted sackholder for the collection of specific waste, using a bag that is colour-coded to match your label. Alternatively, the use of a transparent liner will make it obvious what is in the bag and will encourage correct usage. This sort of clear liner is durable and also useful in other types of recycling bins, some of which are transparent so that everyone can see the purpose intended.

Securing of the liner is accomplished in a variety of ways. Some of our sackholders have a double ring system to secure the bag, while many have a cleverly designed durable elastic cord that fixes the bag tightly in place.

In many instances, a lid is necessary to conceal waste and to prevent odours. For your outdoor galvanised sackholders, choose between a rubber and a painted lid, whether for mesh-bodied or wall-mounted bins. Indoors, a strong, easy-to-clean, high-quality lid in a variety of colours is available. In this way, you can colour-code your collection bin, or simply choose a look to fit the surroundings.

Promoting Hygiene in the Workplace

If you need to move laundry or bulky waste in a hospitality or clinical situation, the innovative magic line mobile sackholder is an outstanding solution. The trolley houses two large PVC liners that are kept separate by a reinforced panel.

Hands-free, pedal-operated sackholders offer an alternative solution to the traditional pedal bin and can be an economical solution in hospitals and other places where hygiene is important. These need not be unsightly, as there are smooth-finish, moulded-plastic holders with rounded edges available. Stylish-looking, the wheels or castors featured make them highly practical. The Mobile Sackholders, the Semi mobile sackholders and the plastic sackholder frames are examples. There are also the metal-framed pedal-operated mobile sackholders, which are designed with wheels, and which offer a hard-wearing alternative. It is worth mentioning that the Economy Sackholders may be ordered with castors if you desire. In some cases, a removable body can be helpful.

Any white or coloured sackholder lid may be labelled clearly with a self-worded sign for your chosen use. There are plenty of static sackholders, both for indoor and outdoor use, some of which may be mounted almost anywhere, such as from a pole or pillar, or from a barrier cone at a construction site. Among the many options to select from, you will find the best in waste management solutions.