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Impact Protection

It’s inevitable that over time, damage and other signs of wear and tear will become apparent in busy workplaces. In terms of saving yourself money on repairs and maintaining levels of onsite health and safety, it is therefore advisable to take a few preventative measures to reduce this likelihood of damage.

Here at Seton, our collection of impact protectors will help you do just that. They can be easily affixed to various locations onsite, preventing damage and protecting people from harm. Small investments into items such as foam wall protectors now, could save you considerable amounts in the future. Read our impact protectors buying guide below for more information on why bumpers are so important and the options available.

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Impact Bumpers: Buying Guide

Managing and maintaining premises can be a difficult and costly task; but here at Seton, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Our range of impact protectors can help protect those onsite from harm; reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring by preventing any deterioration of your property. Prevention is always better than cure (and often cheaper) so it’s worth investing in affordable solutions that reduce the chances of unnecessary damage being incurred on your premises.

What Impact Protection Options Are Available To Me?

Impact protectors come in many shapes and sizes. They are perfect for protecting your premises from daily wear and tear, as well as guarding the safety of those onsite by preventing them from walking into sharp edges or hazardous corners. There are various solutions that can be used to achieve this including bollards, racking protectors and corner guards.

When looking to add impact protection to your safety arsenal you should consider the following:

Foam Corner Impact Protectors – Safety measures such as our circular polyurethane foam corner impact protectors are extremely affordable and ideal for deployment in industrial environments to prevent people or machines bumping into walls.
Wall Protection Buffers – These devices protect walls from scuffs, blows and bangs in busy communal areas.
Foam Edge Impact Protectors – Used within businesses to cushion employees from potentially sharp edges, such as shelves in warehouses.
Crash Protection Bollards – Highly durable impact protectors that safeguard buildings, machines and loading ramps against powerful impacts from vehicles.
Trap Prevention Protectors – Use on the edges of doors to prevent fingers being trapped (particularly useful when deployed within environments where children or vulnerable people are present.)
Column Protectors – A quick and effective way to draw attention to columns and prevent people, machinery or vehicles colliding with them. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
Foam Impact Pipe Protectors – Magnetic solutions that protect pipes against bumps or other forms of impact from humans, vehicles or machinery. Also helps prevent burns to skin by acting as a defence barrier.
Table and Desk Corner Protectors – Great value for money. Prevent people catching themselves on the sometimes sharp, pointed corners of desks. Especially useful in schools or nurseries.

Impact Buffer Advice

If you have any other questions or anything you’re unsure of when it comes to health & safety on site, our team of friendly customer service experts are on-hand to point you in the right direction. Their knowledge and expertise allows them to effectively recommend safety measures that you’d benefit from – in terms of time, saving money and meeting current health & safety legislation. You can call, email or start a Live Chat with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.