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Valve Lockout Kits

Need help? Need help? Discover how valve kits will benefit a lockout program Mechanical equipment is in use all the time, and it can be easy to forget the risks of injury. However, with these ranging from painful to potentially fatal, it is important for companies to maintain good safety procedures for their heavy machinery. The valve lockout kits available in our range have everything that you need to lockout plugs and valves.

Maintaining high safety standards is necessary for companies to remain on the right side of the law. The valve lockout kits and other safety equipment we supply simplify safety procedures and ensure legal requirements are met.

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Applications of Ball and Gate Valve Lockout Kits

Whether it is merely a shock or a more severe injury, electrical accidents need to be avoided. As well as the risk of personal injury, electrical faults are a fire hazard and may be even more dangerous if your company handles gasses and chemicals. Implementing a lockout-tagout procedure can ensure that faulty electrical equipment remains out of use and switched off, the energy having been efficiently isolated from the machine until maintenance and repair work can be completed. The valve lockout kits we supply contain the essential items that are needed to lockout valves and plugs so that no one suffers an injury before the equipment can be repaired or removed.

There are a number of options to choose from with our valve lockout kits. There are options that are suitable for one maintenance operator, as well as kits that are suitable for use by a whole team. All of these come with a suitable container for easy storage and transport. These include a sturdy satchel, which can be carried over the shoulder, and robust plastic boxes that are built to withstand tough industrial environments. When storing lockout devices for use on a busy factory floor you may want to consider a lockout station, these stations provide excellent storage and a highly visible central point from which to use all of your lockout equipment.

Ensure You Have A Full Range of Lockout Devices to Meet Your Needs

Our valve kits cover mostly mechanical risks, covering the large valve wheels in order to isolate the power and ensure machinery is fully de-energised before work commences. In order to cover all types of energy isolation we also provide a comprehensive range of kits designed for other specific energy isolation applications. Our electrical lockout kits provide you with a wealth of equipment to properly and safely isolate circuit breakers, applying the innovative breaker lockout devices with only a few steps and ensuring the safety of those working on the machinery in question.

Within a lockout program one of the things that will be of paramount concern will be the proper securing of lockout devices while in use. All of our kits, no matter the size come with a selection of padlock and hasps however we also offer a variety of hasp lockout kits as well as a full range of non-conductive plastic padlocks (perfect for use on electrical equipment) and strong metal padlocks, which are best for general use on valve lockout devices.

Equipment needs to be checked regularly to find faults before they become too dangerous and risk causing an injury. An effective way to achieve this is with our internationally recognised Scafftag system. We have a wide range of Scafftag kits, including those suitable for electrical and mechanical machinery. Simply apply the informative tags to equipment and lockout devices as necessary to create a clear chain of responsibility and provide vital safety and inspection information.

Taking care of the health and safety of your workforce is essential to comply with the health and safety laws and to create a well-managed workplace. Valve lockout kits can help you to achieve this.