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Office Safety Books & Guides

Keeping employees safe in the workplace is an important duty of care that business owners and managers have to their employees. At Seton, we understand that clear communication is key to the implementation of helpful health and safety policy and practice, which is why we have created a range of products that support the delivery of information and training for office workers. Our office safety books are just one of the tools employers can use to ensure their workforce is kept fully informed on the relevant health and safety issues at all times.

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Guides for Safety in an Office Environment

We understand just how important it is for business owners and employers to effectively communicate the demands of statutory health and safety legislation to members of their workforce, which is why we have designed a range of helpful information tools that can be used to promote health and safety learning and good practice within the workplace.

Our office safety books are just one of the many resources available to help with the dissemination of relevant health and safety information to employees and other workers who may need to be on your premises, helping employers to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding the requirements of health and safety laws at all times.

This range includes a selection of handy pieces of health and safety literature that can be used as helpful teaching and learning aids during health and safety training, providing members of staff with all the information they may need about relevant health and safety legislation and its impact on their working practices and office environment.

Our selection of office safety books can not only be used in the development of health and safety policy and procedures but can also be put to work to promote best practice within the workplace to ensure health and safety compliance in the office.

We also offer office safety books that can be used by employers to inform and advise home workers on best practice for health and safety while carrying out their duties in an uncontrolled environment, helping them to better manage their own safety when working away from the protected office area.

Our range of office safety books covers a number of common workplace health and safety concerns, such as slip, trip and fall hazards in the office and how to minimise these. We also stock handy pocket reference guides detailing health and safety signage used in the workplace – which can be useful in ensuring that employees understand all the visual and verbal aids to health and safety compliance that are displayed in the office area.

These office health and safety guides can be used to educate and inform all of your staff members on their arrival at the company, through staff training, and also provide a useful, ongoing reference tool for situations where questions and queries about health and safety policy and practice within the office may arise. Easy to store and carry, our pocket guides ensure that office health and safety information is always easily accessible.

All of the office safety books that we offer are designed to be easy to read and understand, and combine both verbal and visual aids to understanding the relevant health and safety policy and procedure governing specific office situations.