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Oil & Petrol Fire Extinguishers

Need help? Need help? Which Oil & Petrol Fire Extinguisher do you need? UK’s Best Oil & Petrol Fire Extinguishers, Free Delivery

Everyone is aware of the possibilities of fire at petrol forecourts. Naked flames, malfunctioning equipment or just dripping petrol from a nozzle can lead to catastrophe. Obviously, the chances of this in the modern day are slim but you must always be prepared in the event that the unthinkable happens.

With all the safety features in place in modern petrol station equipment it can be easy to become blasé about the risk of fire but you must always be vigilant, not only so that you continue to adhere to government guidelines but also to ensure the safety of yourself and your customers at all times.

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What are the risks involved with petrol fires?

There are many government guidelines that petrol station owners have to adhere to in order to operate legally. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 for general fire safety and also for the proper storage and handling of petroleum (detailed in the petroleum (consolidation) regulations 2014) which you must adhere to in order to operate a petrol station or store petroleum in an industrial capacity.

However, you may also want to store petrol at non-industrial premises such as an association or your home. There are also strict guidelines that cover this as laid out by the HSE.
The safe storage of highly flammable petrol is required by law. The HSE has several guidelines on storing petrol safely and how best to control fire and explosion risks at the workplace. There are several small things that you can do to help mitigate such risks. Owning appropriate fire safety equipment and fire extinguishers is essential to avoiding these risks. Being prepared is better than having to deal with the aftermath of a fire emergency and potential loss of your business and in worst case scenarios, someone’s life.

The health and safety authority also have helpful guidelines on how to deal with fire safety at petrol stations and areas where flammable liquids are stored. Fuel storage is a major area of concern, you must ensure that storage is well maintained and that staff have been properly trained in your maintenance procedures. It should also be a matter of course that all sources of ignition are controlled and potential fire hazards are identified before they become an issue.

What is the best fire extinguisher for the petrol forecourt?

Although there are several types of fire extinguisher available and it is a good idea to know which extinguisher fights which type of fire (As detailed in our fire extinguisher types guide), you will only need to concentrate on a few of the different types to cover all of the fires likely to occur due to oil and petrol.

On the forecourt, Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are ideal. These are rated to tackle types A, B and C fires. They are a good all-rounder, and are able to fight fires involving petrol, oils and electrical equipment. Others that fit the environment are co2 fire extinguishers and foam fire extinguishers. We offer many different types of fire extinguisher that can be used in environments storing petrol and flammable liquids. But which are the best ones?

Top 3 oil and petrol fire extinguishers

1. Petrol forecourt fire bundle kit – This kit is ideal for any petrol forecourt. It supplies you with everything you will need to deal with small fire emergencies. In this kit, you not only will get two ABC powder extinguishers but a durable and mobile stand to store them on, this stand features all the information about the extinguishers and the materials they can be used on as a quick reference guide. It also comes fully equipped with a fire bucket and absorbent which fits neatly into the base of the stand, ready for use.

2. Mobile ABC powder extinguishers – Designed specially to attack large industrial fires. Should the unthinkable happen and petrol is ignited this large extinguisher can be brought to the scene in no time thanks to its heavy-duty tires. Manoeuvrability is the key with this extinguisher. The ability to move it where you need it quickly will enable you to tackle fires easily. We also provide mobile options for other types of fire extinguishers and they come in a range of sizes.

3. Seton CO2 Fire Extinguishers – Although these are primarily rated to tackle electrical fires, they are none-the-less essential for use in service stations. These extinguishers are class B, meaning they are designed to fight electrical fires and fires involving flammable liquids. As service stations offer many electrical products and electrical equipment is used heavily around the area it is generally advised that you keep this type of extinguisher to hand at all times. A perfect extinguisher for taking care of the main types of fires you are likely to experience around flammable liquids.

While the likelihood of an oil or petrol fire occurring in modern petrol stations may seem remote, the possibility still exists. Being prepared for the unthinkable pays off. Flammable liquid fires are fast and can become unmanageable in seconds due to the liquid medium the fire is using for fuel, they can spread extremely quickly and a small fire can turn into an uncontrollable blaze. By utilising the fire safety equipment available to you through us, you can be sure that you will be prepared and that a potentially life ending fire will be stopped in its tracks before it becomes out of your control. See our full range of Fire Extinguisher Accessories and Equipment for all of your extinguisher display and storage needs.