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Access awareness is a priority in the workplace. Health and safety guidelines stipulate that an area where there could be a potential risk to employees must be indicated by the corresponding sign.

Seton offers various entry and exit signs that are designed with specific notifications to clearly state the safety level of an area and the steps that an employee would need to take; for example, the danger, confined space sign has an additional message that entry is by permit only. A sign such as this clearly states the potential danger level and the corresponding actions to be taken.

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Entry & Exit Signs: Buying Guide

The correct placement of exit and entry safety signs helps to ensure visitors and staff are fully aware of where they are permitted access to and where they are not. They can be used to inform both drivers and pedestrians and are ideal in high traffic areas to help avoid congestion by ensuring people and vehicles use the right entrances and exits.

Some signs can carry more than one message, for example, prohibiting people from entering a certain area because of the presence of a hazard. These multi-message signs enable you to get across more than one message in the same amount of wall space as a single message sign.

Multi-language signs ensure that a diverse workforce can be notified in their mother tongue that no entry to a certain area is allowed.

Entry and exit signs are also available in vandal-resistant material, preventing the build-up of graffiti that may obscure the message.

Nite-Glo photoluminescent signs are ideal for use in areas where lighting may be dimmed or turned off at certain time. They are also suitable for use outdoors so that they can be clearly seen at night. These signs will glow in the dark for six hours once activated by a good light source.

For public areas or premises that need slightly more prestigious look, then our engraved acrylic signs should be seriously considered – ideal if you need to clearly show the way out of a building or to restrict admittance to certain areas.

Signs should be permanently affixed where they can be clearly seen. We have a large range of fixings that are designed specifically for mounting signs onto different materials. Our permanent adhesive can be used to affix a sign to a damp, uneven or rough surface; this product is weather-resistant, UV-resistant and has such powerful sealing properties that it can also be used as an effective sealant!

Double-sided mounting foam tape is a moisture-resistant and resilient to chemical damage and exposure to cold. This product is ideal for affixing signs to rough surfaces, and it can be used on interior or exterior walls.

If signs are to be mounted where there is a high risk of theft or damage, then our security fixing kit is ideal – once fastened, the screws cannot be removed without the use of a special tool.

Take a look at our Fire Exit Signs for more options.

Custom Entry & Exit Safety Signs

If you cannot find a safetu sign that fits your needs, then we have available entry and exit signs that are fully customisable. For example, it may be that you want to inform people that entry is not permitted unless accompanied by a member of staff.

Whatever the message you want to get across, you can rest assured that our custom safety signs are fully compliant with UK and EU legislation.