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Emergency Eye Baths & Fountains

Need help? Need help? Need help choosing eye baths? See our guide All workplaces must undergo a health and safety assessment and if after doing so your workplace is judged to be at high risk of accidents involving corrosive, toxic or irritant substances, then emergency eye baths and fountains should be installed. Fitting out your workplace with the suitable first aid supplies is absolutely fundamental to ensuring workers’ health and safety, and if don’t do so, you might find yourself on the wrong side of UK health and safety regulations. If you’re worried about installing eye fountains due to a lack of mains water, then rest assured we also have portable eyewash bottles available.

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Eye Fountains And Baths Buying Guide

We stock a comprehensive range of eyewash and emergency showers plus emergency eye baths and fountains. If a health and safety assessment has determined that your workplace must provide an emergency eye fountain, then one of our products would just be the answer. The Emergency Eyebath/Facewash Fountain, for example, comes in either a pedestal or wall-mounted option, and has a strengthened ABS plastic bowl with a lid that helps keep the fountain clean and free of any dust or grime. It would be suitable for use in a variety of environments, but would be particularly suitable in hospitals, laboratories, factories or schools.

Similar in function to the Emergency Eyebath/Facewash Fountain is the Hughes Wall-Mounted Eyebath/Facewash that gently cleans the face and eyes should they come into contact with any toxic, corrosive or hazardous fluids or substances. The diffusers on this model have fine mesh strainers that provide a gently aerated flow of water, as well as an obvious and very easy to use push plate. This model only comes in a wall-mounted version, but it is easily plumbed into pipework and provides a very secure way of providing workers with emergency eyebaths.

If a water fountain that plumbs into the mains water isn’t an option, then you might want to consider the Hughes Portable Emergency Eye, Face & Body Wash that can provide up to two minutes of water. This hand held device would be useful in situations where mains water isn’t necessarily available, such as on construction sites. This particular product is available as a face, eye and body wash, or as an eye and body wash.

Other options to consider are the Hughes Eyeaid Eye Wash Stocked Wall Station and the Hughes Eyeaid Eye Wash Aerosol Cans. These small, highly portable aerosol cans provide users with up to 15 minutes’ worth of saline solution rinsing time and can be used in even the most severe instances. They can be used without help, so even a visually impaired user could easily administer the eyewash if there is nobody in the area to help. The Hughes Eyeaid Eye Wash Stocked Wall Station provides the same aerosol cans, but this time in a handy wall-mounted station that protects the eyewash cans from dust and dirt. Once the cans have been used, they can be easily replaced with Hughes Eyeaid Eye Wash Aerosol Cans.

Whether you have access to mains water or not, you can still provide your workers with access to emergency eye baths and fountains by utilising our comprehensive range of fountains and portable eyewashes.