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Lockout Kits

Need help? Need help? Do you need a lockout kit? In order to be prepared for any maintenance or repair work that will arise at you site, having a kit that gives you a varied mix of lockout devices, tags and signage enables you to deal with lockout situations as they occur with ease and competency.

With our comprehensive range of lockout kits you will be sure to find one that has a selection of equipment suited to your specific needs. We supply kits for use on electrical and mechanical equipment exclusively but also those that have a mix of all types of lockout device, these kits offer the greatest variety and ensure you are prepared for all eventualities.

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Varied Lockout Kit Options

When it comes to choosing which lockout devices, tags, signs and padlocks you need to fulfill the lockout tagout procedure that you have created for your work place, it can seem like a daunting task. With our Lockout kits this process is made easy.

We have kits that have been designed to combine the most popular and useful elements from our many lockout ranges into handy bundles specific to different applications in the lockout process.

During the application of your lockout procedures, it will be more than likely that to properly isolate and discharge the energy for your machinery, there will be more than one mode of power distribution to lock and tag out to allow the machine to be worked on. From covering an activation button or lever to ensuring a circuit remains off or a valve cannot be turned. With that in mind we offer range of kits that encompass equipment to cater for all types of energy to be isolated.

Kits Designed for Convenience

Some of our most comprehensive offerings in this regard are in our electrical lockout kits category. Since you will rarely have to lockout only a breaker switch and no other power source when isolating the power for maintenance or inspection, these kits encompass not only a varied range of circuit breaker lockouts but additional valve devices, padlocks, hasps and tagout equipment as well. They come in a range of options but our ultimate lockout kit is by far the most comprehensive kit that we offer.

Even the most basic kit that we supply comes with everything you will need to either begin or supplement an existing lockout procedure. To that end we have created a range of lockout starter kits, while not covering the extent that some of the other kits do, they are an excellent place to start if you are unsure of the complete needs of your workplace, how often you will be utilizing lockout tagout procedure and how many people will be responsible for it. These starter kits are aimed at giving you a good overview for each specific type of energy isolation with some that have a variety of devices and tags.

For work places that deal more in pneumatic and steam controlled energy systems we have valve lockout kits, these kits give you a range of devices for tasks specific to pipe and heavy industrial machinery. Like the other types of device, we have bundled these together with some of their most commonly used supplementary equipment, such as electrical devices, tags and padlocks to aid in giving you a complete package even in kits specified for different areas of energy isolation.

Ensuring lockout devices fulfill their function while maintenance, repair or inspections are being carried out is of the utmost importance. The use of hasps, especially when a crew of people are needed to repair machinery is essential, they allow you to have multiple people working on the device and each with their own safety padlock on the hasp, show when they are carrying out said work. With our hasp lockout kits, many of which provide you with multiple padlock and hasp choices, you will be sure that your lockout procedure is following health and safety guidelines. They offer comprehensive coverage so that you can have multiple machines locked out at the same time and be sure that you have the adequate security equipment to enforce those lockout procedures and ensure that others cannot re-engage machinery until authorised to do so.


Which kit will be best for me?

After completing a safety audit you will know, in depth, the amount of machinery and points of energy that will need to be isolated in the event of a lockout scenario. Use this as a guide when choosing which kits will be best for you.

How many kits will I need?

This depends on the amount of machinery in your workplace that could potentially be in need of lockout devices at one time. It may be prudent to have enough so that multiple machines can be locked out at one time, though this will rarely be the case. It is better to be prepared for this scenario however as workers lives could be on the line if malfunctioning machinery is left in a state where accidents are more likely to occur. With lockout devices in place you will be following health and safety guidelines as well as giving your employees piece of mind.