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Fire Safety Labels

Full Health and Safety compliance is essential in respect of fire safety as it can make the difference between life and death. It can also reduce the likelihood of property damage to your workplace.

We carry a selection of fire safety labels that mark out fire exits and extinguishers as well as fire hazards. The range also includes fire extinguisher inspection record tags. Several of our fire safety labels are available in a Nite-Glo photoluminescent finish so they can be seen in poor light. To find out more about our range of fire safety labels and tags, check out our buying guide below.

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Fire Safety Stickers Buying Guide

Fire safety rules in the workplace are essential to protect everyone from injury and prevent the outbreak of fire. By following fire safety procedures, you can ensure that people and buildings are protected from fire at all times. Our fire safety labels can be used around the workplace alongside fire safety signs to help prevent fires and any subsequent damage to the workplace. All fire exits and emergency routes must be clearly identified, and all fire extinguishers labelled correctly. Fire extinguishers also need to be tested and maintained on a regular basis to ensure they can be used to put out a fire if required.

Fire Emergency Labels and Inspection Tags

Our fire safety labels are designed to assist in ensuring all fire safety procedures are followed and that they comply with current legislation. We have fire safety labels that can be used to identify fire alarm locations so that staff, customers and visitors can find them quickly. We also stock fire safety hazard labels to mark potential fire risk areas so employees, visitors, and customers are aware of them and their need to take extra care when nearby. A selection of our fire exit door labels are available as Nite-Glo photoluminescent labels, which means they light up even in a power failure, glowing for up to six hours.

The fire safety symbols used on our fire alarm and fire extinguisher labels conform to ISO 7010 as required, and are recognised universally regardless of the language your employees or visitors speak.

We stock a range of Nite-Glo photoluminescent labels, which once charged by a good light source, can glow for more than six hours. Our range of glow-in-the-dark labels includes fire extinguisher labels, fire exit markers and fire blankets indicators.

If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for in our selection of fire safety labels, you can design your own customisable labels on our website.

Our fire extinguisher inspection tags are available in aluminium, cardstock with string or elastic or as duro-tags. In addition to inspection labels, we also provide maintenance and service labels that can be utilised for recording your fire equipment services. These labels can also be used for electrical equipment as well as any other items that require regular testing. Our fire recharge and re-inspection labels are printed with useful information on the reverse such as a seven-point fire extinguisher inspection checklist or a recharge record, allowing you to record the result of a hydrostatic pressure test.