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Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables are among the most versatile pallet trucks and lifters available as they can be tailored for use in a range of industries, including manufacturing. Common uses include pallet and roll cage handling, work position, ergonomic handling of goods and even furniture upholstery. We have various Scissor Lift Tables that will allow you and your employees to complete routine tasks safely on a daily basis. Investing in premium products is worthwhile because they are more robust, reliable and cost-effective in the long term. Save both time and money with our range of Scissor Lift Tables, while staying health and safety compliant.

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Mobile Scissor Lifts: Buying Guide

Lift tables with a scissor mechanism are essential in warehouses as they can raise heavy and large loads safely and securely. The Double Mobile Scissor Lift Table has a pedal-operated pump to allow employees to elevate goods and products. The two fixes and two swivel-locking wheels keep everything in place, and the steel construction and reliable lowering system ensure that items can be brought down slowly to reduce the risk of damage. You can choose from three load capacities up to 800kg depending on your needs, and there is a standard 12 months labour and parts warranty.

We also have the Double Scissor Lift Table for use in loading bays, machine workshops and any other environment where the loading and unloading of materials is necessary. It is unsafe for employees to manually raise heavy-duty goods, so take out any stresses and strains with the Double Scissor Lift Table, which has a pump-action foot pedal for elevating items and a hand-operated release trigger for bringing them back down smoothly. Both of our scissor lift products comply with European Safety Standard legislation and EN 1570, so you have peace of mind knowing that employees will be safe at all times.

Our Single Scissor Lift Tables are ideal for lifting goods to around waist height. The lift tables are versatile yet powerful and can be used by employees to handle materials on a production floor or placed in a loading dock as a lorry loader. With load capacities ranging from 150kg to 500kg, the lift tables can handle various heavy-duty items, including pallets. There is a pump-action foot pedal to raise goods and a simple trigger mechanism for lowering, plus a top of stroke bypass valve and overload relief valve, the latter of which prevents damage to the hydraulic system.

The Single Mobile Scissor Lift Tables are arguably the best solution for any general purpose lift. They are relatively lightweight, agile, and can be manoeuvred quickly with its large ergonomic handle. These tables can be tailored for heavy items as there is a maximum 750kg option. The steel construction aids the product’s longevity, while the pedal-operated pump seen in our other scissor lift tables is also present here. Fixed and swivel-locking wheels keep products level and secure, and the reliable lowering system ensures that goods do not fall off and injure employees. The handle can also be folded for compact storage.

Whether you need to access a greater height range or require a robust low-profile system, we will have something suitable. Our scissor lift tables work safely and securely, and they can be used again and again without breaking down or collapsing. Use our filter options and search functions to find the best lift table for you.