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Electrical Labels

Health and Safety is very important, and ensuring that electrical safety procedures in the workplace are followed is essential. Our electrical safety labels will make sure electrical checks on equipment are completed on a regular basis so employees and visitors are protected in the workplace.

We carry a range of electric safety labels which show information on hazards, quality control and prohibited actions as well as best practice instructions, such as "turn of the switch...". Our electrical safety labels are high quality and durable, and many of them are capable of dealing with extreme conditions, so you can count on them lasting a long time. Our electrical safety labels guide includes information on warning labels as well as quality control options.

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Electrical Stickers, Labels and Markers: Buying Guide

Electrical safety in the workplace is essential to ensure your employees, clients, and visitors are protected. It is vital that all electrical safety procedures are followed and adhered to and that all hazards are identified, labelled and handled correctly. It is also imperative that electrical equipment is inspected, tested and maintained regularly and that any necessary repairs are carried out in a timely fashion.

Our electrical safety labels can be used around the workplace alongside electrical signs to ensure that safety procedures are followed.

Electrical Warning Label Options

Several electrical safety labels, such as our ‘warning isolate supply before opening cover’ labels, are instructive warning notices to your workers and visitors aimed at minimising the risk of accidents. Our plug wiring tape can be attached to new and reconditioned equipment, this helps you to comply with Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) regulation 98, which requires that warning labels are affixed to enable the correct installation, safe use and operation, and maintenance of work equipment.

We stock several labels that can be attached to electrical equipment to enable your workplace to comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances RohS Compliant Directive 2011/65/EU. That directive restricts the use of several substances including cadmium, lead, and mercury in electrical and electronic equipment. This covers equipment you manufacture, import, export, or distribute within the EU.

Electrical Safety Stickers for Passing on Information

The range of electrical safety stickers also includes a selection of quality control labels that can be used to show information such as inspection dates, who performed the checks and what the outcome was. It is important to attach these to electrical items so that everyone is aware of their status, even if they are moved from department to department. Furthermore, if a product is faulty and unsafe to use it is imperative that it is marked to say so.

Our WEEE Labels comply with BS EN50419. They are designed to wrap around your products power supply cord which means they can be used on items where the marking cannot be applied directly to the product. The labels are made of laminate vinyl for durability and will remain intact and legible for the life of the product you are marking. All our symbols, where applicable, comply with ISO 7010, and all our electrical safety labels comply with current Health and Safety Regulations.

If you are unable to find a label in our selection of electrical safety labels to meet your workplace’s needs, you can design your own customised version using our website.