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Fire Alarm Systems

Need help? Need help? How will fire call points increase fire safety at work? In order to have comprehensive coverage in your workplace to be able to deal with fire emergencies that may occur, you need to have a full range of smoke alarms and fire call points installed throughout the entirety of your building or site. Creating a full fire alarm system.

The clear advantage of this is that if one alarm is activated they are all activated, ensuring a quick evacuation when needed.

Our range of fire alarm systems ensures that fire evacuation can proceed quickly and efficiently, avoiding any unnecessary risk when it comes to enacting your fire safety evacuation plan.

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How Do Fire Alarm Call Points Work?

There are many different ways to raise an alarm in the event of a fire. The most common signal that will make a person initially aware is the automatic alarm sounded by a smoke detector. However, it then becomes a case of notifying the entire building of the danger. Some Fire alarm systems have smoke alarms connected into one system, like a net, that activates all sirens at once when fire is detected.

The most common type of alarm you will see in daily life is the Fire Alarm Call point. You have probably seen these hundreds of times just going about your daily business. They are small red boxes that are fitted to walls and provide an easy opportunity to raise the alarm on a building wide scale when danger is detected. They come in many varieties but all provide the same function.

There are two different types of Call Point for use in different emergencies. The Red Fire Call Point is primarily used as a fire alarm, when someone becomes aware of a dangerous fire and wishes to evacuate the building, activating this alarm will give everyone ample warning to leave the premises immediately. The other main type are Green Door Call Points, These are installed next to emergency exits and provide a quick door release in the event of emergencies.

For situations where it is not possible to have a fully installed integral fire alarm system, but that the chance of fire or some other emergency is quite high, there are temporary movable units that can be placed throughout an entire site and controlled from a central point. These are all connected through wireless signals. Howler Fire Alarms can be placed wherever needed and have many operational options including battery powered units and different activation options to signal fire or first aid emergencies.

For a complete understanding of fire alarms and the fire safety legislation that covers them, we have created the Ultimate Fire Alarm Buyers Cheat Sheet. A comprehensive guide for all of your fire alarm needs, detailing fire alarm inspections, what you need for a complete fire alarm system (which includes fire call points) and how to carry out an effective fire alarm inspection and testing.

Where Should Fire Call Points Be Located?

Every building needs some form of fire evacuation alarm system in place, Fire alarm call points are most useful in offices, shared premises, warehouses and any permanent structure that is inhabited by people the majority of the time. It cannot be stressed how important it is to have adequate fire safety alarm systems in place. Simply put, they save lives.

Schools are one of the most important places to have a fire alarm system installed. In these areas and other shared living spaces, or anywhere that is busy with the hustle and bustle of people, it is important to ensure that the call points will not be accidentally set off and that they remain free from vandalism or misuse. To ensure that misuse does not occur it is important to also have Alarm Call Point Covers in place (which will safeguard against accidental activation) and in locations where vandalism is a concern, Protective Cages for both fire alarm call points and smoke alarms are available.

Construction/building sites are ideal for the large scale implementation of a temporary fire alarm system, Howler Fire Alarms can be used singularly or in a wirelessly connected system allowing for the entire site to be notified at once when one alarm is activated. The advantages of this are obvious especially in areas where the likelihood of an incident is increased.

For hotels, guesthouses and nursing homes it is essential to cater for those with hearing impairments. As such, there are a few options, usually taking the form of specially designed units such as the Vibrating Pillow Pads that sits under the pillow to ensure those asleep are aware of the emergency. They also use strobe effects to make it known that an alarm has been activated. All hoteliers are legally obliged to under the terms of the DDA to make provisions for the disabled.

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement and once it is carried out you will know where your fire call points will be most effective. We have created the 29 minute expert guide to fire risk assessments, which is a comprehensive, easy-to-read, information guide that includes everything you will need to carry out an effective fire risk assessment. Included in this is a handy downloadable template to get started now.

How Often Should I Test My Fire Alarm Call Points?

Once installed your call points will need regular maintenance, it is recommended to do this every week with the maximum time you should wait between a full systems service being six months.

Activating them is simple, however you will want to ensure that you can replace the clear plates that are positioned over the alarm. Use Break Glass Replacements and Fire Alarm Call Point Reset Keys to put your call points back into working order once they have been activated.

The mobile units work in a similar manner. Although will not need any extra components to reset them and can be reactivated very simply.