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Smoking Control & Shelters

Need help? Need help? What are the best smoking control devices? Ensuring your customers and employees who smoke are provided with appropriate methods to dispose of cigarette waste is part of your responsibilities as an employer and proprietor. It can also be necessary to fulfil your area’s laws and regulations.

Smoking control devices may include covered cigarette bins and ashtrays, as well as shelters for people to use while smoking. These facilities can make sure a smoker’s needs are catered for, as well as complying with health and safety regulations concerning the safe disposal of cigarette butts, smoking distances and location laws.

These devices and facilities will benefit your employees and clients, in addition to ensuring you won’t be liable for any injuries incurred or fees levied for non-compliance. For more information on smoking facilities for your workplace, check out our buying guide and frequently asked questions.

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Outdoor Smoking Buying Guide

With smoke-free zones and cigarette disposal laws and regulations strictly controlled, individuals and businesses can be hit with penalties if legislation is not followed. These issues can also impact your clients’ and employees’ satisfaction, happiness and overall health and safety.

Whatever the needs of your organisation, we have smoking shelters, ashtrays and cigarette bins available for all business sizes, styles or requirements.

Smoking Canopies & Shelters for Keeping Staff Safe

Since the introduction of smoke-free zones, smoking shelters have become the norm in organisations, both for the comfort and safety of smokers as well as being a subtle method to direct individuals to legal smoking areas.

These shelters can accommodate many organisational situations and sizing requirements. Several can be customised to suit your specific needs. Most smoking shelters are a free-standing structure, with floor-mounted poles and a roof covering. Other smoking structures can include seating and coverings on all or some sides. These can be made from clear, tinted or frosted glass or metal cladding.

For smaller areas or narrow walkways, wall-mounted shelters can provide protection and security without the need for a large structure. These frames can use a construction with no floor-mounted poles, such as the porch style, or just two floor-mounted poles, with the roof attached to the adjoining wall.

Outdoor Ashtrays and Smoking Bins to Keep Your Site Clean

Free-standing cigarette bins and ash stands can be an important investment for your business. These products ensure all cigarette waste is disposed of properly and prevent littering in and around your organisation. In addition to making sure your workplace is clean, healthy and safe; outdoor ashtrays and bins help you meet your region’s laws and regulations on the disposal of cigarettes.

These bins and stands are supplied in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your specific requirements. The tubular and slimline bin styles and traditional floor ashtrays are perfect for narrow or tight areas, as they can be easily placed along a wall or in a corner. Heavy-duty and larger bins tend to suit spacious outdoor areas. These bins are designed to withstand weather events such as strong wind and rain, and their large size requires emptying less often than smaller bins. These free-standing units can include a bin facility only or incorporate an ashtray, usually above the opening.

For a tidy, almost invisible cigarette disposal device, a wall-mounted cigarette bin is an ideal solution. Perfect for smaller workplaces or businesses, these bins can be placed along any external wall and require only a small amount of space. The compact bins usually include a key-lock to access the waste, preventing mess or spills.

Several optional products can be purchased and used with your ashtray, cigarette bin or smoking shelter. These extras, such as an ashtray replacement liner and ash collecting bin, make the use of the initial product more efficient or effective, while other items such as a lighting unit or perch seat ensure the shelter is fully utilised and increase its overall safety.

Smoking Area FAQ:

What if I need a specific kind of smoking shelter?

As well as featuring a wide variety of standard “off-the-shelf” smoking shelters, many products can be customised to your needs. Also, other add-ons can be purchased for the shelters, including lighting and seating.

Where should I put my company’s ashtray or cigarette bin?

This is ultimately up to you, considering also the layout of your company. It is recommended for a bin or ashtray to be located near your smoking shelter, as well as at the entry to your organisation or business.

How do I clean my ashtray or cigarette bin?

Most products have easy access points to empty the cigarette waste. There are additional products such as cloths and cleaning sprays available at Seton to help this process.