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Dog Signs

Not all locations are suitable for dogs to be present. Even in those that are you may need to enforce rules regarding the behaviour of both dogs and their owners. By providing clear messages in suitable locations you can help to ensure that your workplace is kept hygienic and free of dog foul.

Our range of Dog Signs not only help to promote a clean workplace, but also features many signs that contribute to the safety and security of employees, visitors and members of the public and also for the safeguarding of the dogs themselves.

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Enforce the Rules

Make it clear - Messages such as those found on our ‘No Fouling’ Dog Prohibition Signs or our ‘Dog Fouling - Clean it Up!’ Sign are useful should you have any areas where people walk their dogs – which could include areas surrounding warehouses and offices, to parks and other public areas. Also, check out our dog waste bins to help keep areas clean from mess

Signs like this are particularly useful when displayed in grassy areas and other zones where dog fouling is a problem. Hygiene and the safety of others is paramount to any employer or landowner and by clearly outlining these instructions and expectations, hygiene and sanitisation in the area will improve.

On the other hand, signs such as our ‘Dogs Allowed’ Signs and our ‘Dogs On A Lead Allowed’ Signs are great to let people know that their pets are welcome. Many pubs, parks, national parks and beaches have begun displaying signage with similar messages, which is useful to dog owners as they can plan where they can and cannot walk their pets.

Safety and Security

Safeguard people and their dogs - In areas where forklift trucks operate, or where there are potentially hazardous chemicals or busy pedestrian areas, it is easy for a dog to break free and compromise its safety without realising. Messages such as those found on our ‘Keep Dogs On Leads’ Signs can help prevent any unfortunate accidents as well as keeping members of the public safe from unpredictable dogs.

Guard dogs in the workplace - As well as being man’s best friend, some dogs are used by businesses to guard their assets and premises. Use of notices such as our ‘Warning Attack Dogs On Premises - No Trespassing’ Sign act as a preventative measure against anyone potentially thinking of committing any criminal acts on your premises. These signs also deter those who may otherwise have unwittingly walked into the location, risking their safety.

Materials and Fixings

Quality materials - All of our signs are available in a range of materials with options suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications..

Make sure your signs are seen - The position of your signs is important and once affixed you want them to stay that way. Many of our signs come with mounts, fixtures and sticky pads with which to display them, but on the off-chance that your chosen solution does not, our range of Sign Fixings has top quality, secure fixtures with which to affix your new signage.

Custom options - Our vast range of signs ensures that no matter what purpose you need your Dog Signs for, you’ll be covered. However, in the event that you can’t find the message that suits your needs, our team of expert advisors can help you with creating and customising your own signage. Call us today or try our custom sign service to create your own signs, tailor-made to your preferences.