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Need help? Need help? Which machinery labels will be best for your workplace? Correct operation and maintenance of machinery ensures that work is completed properly without risk to those nearby. Conveying important safety messages on how to do this is essential and will form part of your Health and Safety risk assessment.

We carry a range of machinery labels that cover hazard warning, prohibition and mandatory information. These can be placed on or around machinery so that everyone is aware of important safety instructions such as what personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear before use.

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How Will Machinery Labels Increase Safety In Your Workplace?

Safety in the workplace is of vital importance and our machinery labels assist in ensuring staff follow and comply with all health and safety legislation concerning its use.

We have many different machinery labels that can be utilised around the workplace for Quality Control such as the handy Do Not Use Until Tested & Calibrated Label. We also stock Prohibition Labels that cover actions you must not take at certain times. These labels refer to situations such as machinery not working, or if staff need to clean equipment, including do not use lift, do not clean/repair while in motion, and do not use, amongst others. It is essential to use such labels when cleaning, maintaining and repairing a machine, and should be in place as close to the item as possible.

The information labels we stock cover things such as emergency stop button, turn off when not in use and turn off this machine when not in use. These labels convey instructions to your employees to ensure that machinery is operated correctly and carefully, with the goal of accident prevention.

Our selection of Mandatory Labels covers key instructions such as keep hands clear off rollers, use machine guards, keep hands clear of machinery, you must not operate without eye protection, and you must not operate without ear protection. These actions are all important in ensuring the safe operation of the machinery, and the protection of the employees operating it.

We also stock hazard labels to inform employees to be cautious in a variety of situations, including, Moving Parts Keep Hands Clear, Caution Pinch Point, and Danger Hot. These labels should be placed on the machinery in appropriate places to advise everyone of potential hazards and prevent misuse of machines and subsequent accidents.

The miscellaneous labels in our machinery label category include several different types of Colour-Coded Indicator Labels for On, Off, start, stop, and open, closed, as well as serial number labels, and other items. Our colour-coded indicator labels are used to indicate a variety of situations, including if machinery has passed or failed an inspection, as well as being used on handles and maintenance panels to indicate how to open and close them and whether machinery is operational or not. These indicator labels are long-lasting and self-adhesive.

In the event you are unable to find the machinery labels you require for your workplace, you can also design your own customisable labels on our website.

As well as labels instructing users on the correct PPE to wear while using machinery we also supply a full range of Safety Clothing PPE Signs.