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Regulations about not smoking in the workplace and instead using designated areas outside must be followed. That is not only for the health benefits of your employees and visitors, but also to ensure the protection of property. In the wrong circumstances, any type of smoking or naked flame can be dangerous.

We supply a range of smoking-related labels, including those made from environmentally-friendly materials. Our products include labels which identify smoking areas, draw attention to places where smoking is prohibited and encourage considerate use of designated zones. Information on where to use smoking stickers and the messages they can convey is available in our buying guide.

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No Smoking Stickers: Buying Guide

Smoking labels are an important part of health and safety at work, and essential to comply with current health and safety legislation. Since 2006, and the introduction of the smoking ban in public places across the United Kingdom, it is essential that the appropriate smoking stickers are in place. The labels we supply can be used to comply with current health and safety regulations regarding smoking.

Labels and stickers are generally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be fixed to a variety of clean, dry surfaces, including machinery, equipment, doors and windows, tiled walls and all manner of other items. They are particularly useful for attaching to rounded surfaces such as posts and pillars. No smoking stickers for vehicles can be used to remind workers that the use of cigarettes is prohibited whilst driving.

Our smoking labels feature universally recognised symbols so that language isn't a barrier to ensuring smoking regulations are followed and adhered to by all. In areas where light is poor or in outside spaces used at night, a photoluminescent sign is recommended. Our Nite-Glo no smoking sign will ensure your message is seen.

Using labels alongside smoking signs will help your workplace comply with the law; as well as make your staff, customers and visitors aware of the rules.

Smoking Labels to Pass on a Variety of Messages

Smoking stickers will help identify areas where smoking is prohibited. Such zones can be indicated with easy to see no smoking area labels.

A business or workplace may accommodate smokers in designated areas or covered outdoor spaces. If this is the case, our smoking allowed stickers will clearly identify smoker-friendly zones for prospective users.

If there are receptacles for the disposal of cigarettes on site, ensure they are visible with extinguish cigarettes here stickers.

In recent years, electronic cigarettes and vaping have soared in popularity as alternatives to traditional smoking habits. Certain public facilities like hospitals in Scotland have banned their use, however there are no universal legal requirements regarding using these devices indoors currently. As such, depending on your company’s policies, vapes or e-cigarettes may be banned from use in the workplace or within your buildings. If this is the case, we can provide rolls of labels which clarify the position.

For an increased range of messages, no smoking signs and stickers can be tailored to your exact requirements using our Seton Custom Create Online Tool.