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Accurate measurements are an essential element of many industries and a well-designed set of scales will make sure weighing can be carried out easily and accurately. We offer a selection of scales which will prove to be a valuable addition to your workplace equipment. Poor weight calculations can have a number of financial and legal implications, which could prove costly for your business. Investing in a good set of scales can help avoid this, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your company in all operations that require weights to be properly calculated.

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Choosing Weighing Devices

Scales are regularly used across a number of industrial sectors including retail, delivery and warehouses. In all instances, it is essential that weights are calculated accurately. For delivery purposes it is necessary to know weights so that postage costs can be properly calculated, but where maximum loads apply, accurate weighing can also have important safety implications. Investing in a decent set of scales will allow all weight to be measured accurately and over time can result in considerable postage savings.

Seton has a selection of scales in the Test and Measurement range of products, allowing you to choose the one which best suits your requirements. There is a choice of platform scales, ideal for a number of purposes including weighing parcels, and hanging scales, which feature a hook, making them ideal for measurements involving bags. Several of the scales are fully portable, enabling one set of scales to be easily used in large premises or even taken off-site.

At Seton, we know that when you invest in products you need them to be long-lasting. The scales in the range at Seton are designed to be hard wearing and able to cope well in demanding industrial environments. Many have a splash proof display and membranes to ensure efficient working even in tough conditions. All are straightforward to use and there are a range of power options, including batteries. Batteries can also be purchased at Seton for your convenience.

Scales can be calibrated and some have a plus and minus function allowing the weight of a number of objects to be efficiently calculated. All the scales in the range achieve an accuracy sufficient for general workshop applications.

As well as financial implications, there can also be legal consequences of poorly weighed objects if weights breach health and safety guidelines. Purchasing a good set of scales from Seton can help to prevent this. The large range of health and safety legislation which must be complied with can often prove daunting to companies. However, at Seton we aim to simplify the process. All of our products are tested to ensure they comply with current EU and UK safety laws, so you can shop with us with confidence. For any further information on our products do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be glad to help.

An accurate, easy-to-use set of scales will improve the efficiency of your workplace and make it a more convenient place to work. Accuracy will also make your operations more reliable, impressing customers. Your scales will also be useful in working out how to move the objects you have weighed around your premises. We stock a large range of Trucks and Trolleys for situations in which you find objects are too heavy to be comfortably carried.