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Key & Padlock Cabinets

When considering what equipment to use to ensure your premises remains secure, storage is a feature that is easy to overlook. However, it should be an essential part of your security strategy, as it will improve the efficiency of your security system. Our key and padlock cabinets provide a convenient and effective storage method for these essential items.

Maintaining effective security at your work place is a necessity. Unsecured buildings are vulnerable to damage and theft, resulting in extra expenses in both time and money. By investing in key and padlock cabinets you are ensuring that access remains in the hands of authorised personnel.

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Key Cabinets: Buying Guide

Providing secure storage for the keys and padlocks in use at your workplace is essential for the smooth running of your business. Without this, it is easy for keys to go missing or become misplaced. This will result in the need to get more keys cut or worse, a serious security breach that may cost you considerable expenses in the long run. Good-quality key and padlock cabinets are ideal for arranging your keys and padlocks so that they can be easily located by everyone who needs them.

Key storage for padlocks and other security equipment, convenient and efficient

The key and padlock cabinets in the product range at Seton are all made from durable materials, providing you with a long-lasting storage option. They have pre-drilled holes, making wall installation a quick and straightforward process.

There are also a number of options for securing the cabinets, so you can easily choose the one best suited to your premises. These include a key lock, a push button lock, a mechanical lock or an electronic lock. However they are fastened, all these locks are rigorously tested so that they remain secure and that only authorised personnel can access them.

We understand that all businesses are unique, and a one size fits all approach is unlikely to be effective. Many of the key and padlock cabinets are adjustable internally to fit the different sizes of keys and padlocks that you wish to store. Additionally, you can choose cabinets that hold different numbers of keys and padlocks to make sure that they reflect the needs of your premises.

Easily create a system for the storage of keys and padlocks

Coloured tag systems can be used to customise our key and padlock cabinets to your requirements, and we also have cabinets which fulfil more specific purposes, such as an option with a key drop for ease in returning keys and a portable key cabinet with handles. At Seton, we also stock a range of keyrings that help to keep track of keys when they are not in storage.

Safety and security are areas of business that requires planning to maintain. As one of the leading retailers of safety and security equipment, we are always glad to help with any questions that you have or advice that you need. We offer a great deal of information on our key and padlock cabinets or any of our other products.

Because the secure storage of your keys and padlocks is so important, it is essential to acquire good-quality items. Seton makes sure that all products are of a high standard, so you can shop with confidence that you are getting the right product. Using these cabinets to store your keys and padlocks will make your security more efficient, ensuring that the keys that staff require are easily located, making it obvious if any are missing.