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Lockout Stations

Need help? Need help? Find out which stations are best for your workplace Lockout kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some with a wealth of equipment to aid in fulfilling your lockout procedure, ensuring that these items are accessible at all times is a vital step in this process. With the addition of a lockout station you will not only provide a convenient place to store all of the lockout equipment but ensure that the safety of your employees is increased.

At a moment's notice a machine may begin malfunctioning, and the ability to isolate its power and disengage it becomes simple if your personnel can readily access the tools to safely accomplish that task.

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Highly Visible and Convenient Storage

As part of your lockout process it is vital to decide where it would be best at your site to store all of the equipment needed to carry out lockout procedures. With a lockout station you can conveniently store all of the necessary equipment at arm's reach from where it is needed the most.

Each unit has been designed to be extremely visible, moulded in bright and hard wearing plastics and easily accessible at a moment's notice. Each station can be placed wherever you need, many of the units coming with pre-drilled holes to allow for wall mounting, it is also advisable to have more than one station, each situated at strategic locations all throughout your site.

Even if you only employ one storage station it will be of great help to the lockout process, greatly increasing its efficiency by providing a centralised point from which to store the equipment and log its return when maintenance work is completed, this way you can keep an accurate record of where your equipment is and if any has gone missing.

Stocked or Un-stocked Lockout Stations ? The Choice is Yours

In order to offer a fully comprehensive choice, we supply the stations both stocked and un-stocked. This is simply because we understand that many will choose to purchase lockout kits for various different situations (of which we also offer a comprehensive range) and also because your lockout needs may not be as exhaustive as others. Our padlock and hasp stations can be bought on their own for you to fill with any existing padlocks and hasps that you have or can be bought fully stocked, offering everything you will need in one convenient package.

Depending on the size of your work force and the amount of people responsible for lockout procedures you can tailor the station to fit the number of people that will be using it. The benefits of this are obvious as a padlock station will aid in the security of your energy isolation and maintenance programmes and create a space where you can assign a specific padlock to a specific individual and see who is working on maintenance and repair in an instant.

Placement of your Lockout Station is Key

The most important thing to consider when using one or many stations is their location within your work environment. During the initial creation of the lockout process as you undertake a risk assessment, consider the best placement for these focus points where the equipment can be kept, consider the amount of people that will be working near it, how accessible the area is and how visible. You will want to situate the station in an area that has the highest possible visibility and by holding regular training sessions you can ensure that everyone knows where to go in order to gain access to energy isolating devices and security padlocks and hasps.

Complete Lockout Solutions

As well as these convenient station units we also offer a wide range of other storage options, ideally you will employ a number of these in combination to ensure that all eventualities are covered, preparation is important to any effective lockout procedure. For site visits and mobile options we supply lockout bags, these can be used to transport various amounts of lockout equipment as you require.

Our other storage options include hard wearing lockout boxes, these boxes can be used to store lockout devices when not in use or padlocks and keys for added security when machinery has been locked out so that no unauthorised personnel can remove the essential energy isolating devices.

These, used in conjunction with our lockout stations provide an excellent way to secure, keep track of and store any and all of your lockout equipment needs.


How many lockout stations will I need?

It is better to overestimate your need when it comes to the storage of lockout devices and padlocks or hasps used to secure them, it is always best to have some redundancy built into your procedure in case of emergencies. To this end, when considering the padlock stations, think of the essential amount needed and then consider the availability of the people in charge of the lockout procedures and how many are trained to use lockout devices.

Are lockout stations necessary if I have boxes and other storage already?

This depends entirely on your workplace setup, whether you are a large industrial work place or a small family run company you will find a use for such an innovative storage solution. If you already have a system in place and it is working for you then it is best to consider a station as a centralised point at which you can efficiently store all of these essential safety items. If you are creating a lockout process for a large industrial setting then these units are indispensible as they instantly create a highly visible and accessible source for equipment to carry out maintenance and repair on machinery.