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Winter Vehicle Accessories

Staying safe on the road is of utmost importance all year round; however, putting the appropriate safety measures in place to protect yourself and others from the risk of harm becomes even more pertinent when winter strikes. The onset of bad weather, such as freezing temperatures, snow or ice, can make driving conditions very hazardous.

Our selection of winter vehicle accessories are ideal to take with you when travelling in cold weather.We stock everything from vehicle winter kits to ice scrapers; so no matter what motoring situation you find yourself in, you’ll be equipped to cope.Our winter vehicle accessories guide includes information on what you should carry in your car when the weather turns bad.

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Winter Car Accessories: Buying Guide

Winter can cause havoc for drivers. Travelling in cold, icy conditions is unpleasant and driving can become treacherous; leading to congestion, delayed journeys and accidents. Simple solutions such as using the correct tools to clear your windscreen and mirrors of ice and snow become of crucial importance during the colder months. Good vehicle maintenance and roadworthiness checks are imperative.

Here at Seton, we’re dedicated to making winter driving that little bit easier and safer for you. Our selection of winter vehicle accessories covers solutions for:

  • Preparing your vehicle

  • Keeping it moving

  • Assisting you should the worst happen and you are unable to continue with your journey

Cold Weather Car Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Without

Make sure your vehicle is carrying ample supplies of necessary equipment. To prepare your car, ice Scrapers work efficiently and easily to clear windscreens affected by a buildup of snow or ice.

Food, water, a mobile phone and a blanket are recommended as are the following health and safety items:
Bootssafety footwear gives you a firm grip on the icy ground; lessening your risk of slips, trips or falls
High-Vis Clothingwith the shorter days and darker nights, ensure motorists can see you
De-iceryou should keep a supply of general de-icer in your vehicle at all times, to clear ice and/or snow from your windscreen quickly

Winter Driving Accessories To Get You on Your Way

Getting your car moving on icy surfaces or in snow can be particularly difficult and stop journeys even before they’ve started. There are plenty of large-scale, expensive solutions available, but they are always practical for occasional use or when supplying a fleet of vehicles. Tyre grip spray or traction aids are simple to use, easy to store and work perfectly to get you and your vehicles on the road whatever the weather.

Cold Weather Car Kits - Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Should you find yourself having problems whilst out on the road our winter vehicle kits include items such as a shovel and first aid kit to give you a better chance of being able to continue on your way. This is when being prepared really counts.

Having the correct equipment needn’t be difficult or expensive, but in extreme situations can save your life.

Winter Driving Tips

Once the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s recommended that you keep abreast of weather forecasts and warnings so you can prepare your vehicle, route and supplies accordingly.
Plan ahead and allow extra time for journeys to be completed. Even something simple like setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier in a morning to give you sufficient time to scrape your windows and warm up the vehicle before beginning your journey can make things much more relaxed. Driving in dangerous conditions whilst in a rush is never a good idea.