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Antibacterial Wipes

Need help? Need help? Discover the correct antiseptic products for you It’s not practical to wash skin with soap before an injection or before applying a dressing or plaster, which is why our range of skin cleaners and antiseptic wipes could be an invaluable addition to your first aid kit. Individually wrapped wipes are hygienic and contain organic compounds to combat bacteria and cleanse the skin. In addition to our range of wipes and cleansers, we also offer disinfectant and sprays for cleaning first aid equipment and hard surfaces. These products are essential in medical practices but are equally important in workplaces, schools and other environments where maintaining personal hygiene is of the utmost importance.

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Medical Cleansers Buying Guide

If you need a powerful cleaning product for commercial, medical or household use, we offer a practical solution with the Activ8 Disinfecting Cleaner. This product is safe to use on a range of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, rubber, wood and even skin and will kill 99.9% of all microorganisms, including avian flu, MRSA and other common pandemics found in public places. It is also very effective against moulds, fungi and yeasts, offering a quick and simple solution for cleaning workplace and medical surfaces. The Activ8 Disinfecting Cleaner is ready to use straight from the bottle, doesn’t need to be diluted and is environmentally friendly. It has everything you need to control bacteria and viruses and keep first aid equipment clean.

The Activ8 Hard Surface Spray is a fantastic supplement to the larger bottle of disinfectant, as it is easier to apply directly onto upholstery and hard surfaces using the spray nozzle. Product testing has demonstrated that this product can kill Clostridium difficile spores in just half a minute, and is perfect for making light work of eliminating nasty bacteria and other microorganisms that usually cling to surfaces in kitchens, medical environments and public places. The Activ8 Hard Surface Spray is available in fragranced and unfragranced solutions. We also have disposable, multi-purpose Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes for eliminating bacteria and disinfecting non-medical devices.

Our catalogue of skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes can also form an important part of any first aid kit. The Skin Cleansing Wipes, for example, are suitable for all skin types, containing no harsh detergents or solutions. These wipes will clean the skin and prepare for other first aid treatments, such as dressings and plasters. Like all our cleaning products, they are designed to be effective against a variety of bacteria and are both alcohol and fragrance-free.

For more serious cuts and wounds, we offer a pack of Sterile Moist Wipes, which contain salt water to prepare the skin for stitches and dressings. This product meets health and safety regulations, with each wipe being individually wrapped for easy application. The soft fabric makes them ideal for all skin types.

We also offer sets of swabs for cleaning wounds and applying medication. The Pre-Injection Swabs prepare the skin for needle pricks by cleansing it with Isopropyl alcohol, which reduces bacteriological count. Furthermore, the Gauze Swabs are ideally suited for cleaning wounds and applying antiseptics and ointments. These swabs are great for use in medical environments. You can supplement all the skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes we offer with any of the plasters and dressings we have available across our range. With a first aid kit fully stocked with skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes, you will be prepared to effectively treat and disinfect any surface prior to providing medical assistance.

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