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Antibacterial Wipes

Need help? Need help? Discover the correct sanitising wipes for you Whether you need to fight bacteria or viruses on surfaces or hands, Seton has expert guidance and a range of different products to suit your needs

It’s not practical to wash skin with soap before an injection or before applying a dressing or plaster, which is why our range of skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes could be an invaluable addition to your first aid kit. Individually wrapped wipes are hygienic and contain organic compounds to combat bacteria and cleanse the skin. These products are essential in medical practices but are equally important in workplaces, schools and other environments where maintaining personal hygiene is of the utmost importance.

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Antiseptic Wipes Buying Guide

Antibacterial hand wipes and surface wipes are a convenient, easy, and effective way to clean surfaces and skin of bacteria, germs, dirt and other contaminants. Seton offers a range of specifically designed for medical use, along with those made for cleaning skin and surfaces.

Our range can form an important part of any first aid kit or infection control policy. The Skin Cleansing Wipes, for example, are suitable for all skin types, containing no harsh detergents or solutions. These wipes will clean the skin of pathogens in preparation for other first aid treatments, such as dressings and plasters.

For more serious cuts and wounds, we offer a pack of Sterile Moist Wipes, which contain salt water to prepare the skin for stitches and dressings. This product meets health and safety regulations, with each wipe being individually wrapped for easy application. The soft fabric makes them ideal for all skin types.

We also offer sets of swabs for cleansing wounds and applying medication. The Pre-Injection Swabs prepare the skin for needle pricks by cleansing it with isopropyl alcohol, which reduces the bacteriological count. Gauze Swabs are ideally suited for cleaning wounds and applying antiseptics and ointments. These swabs are great for use in medical environments. You can supplement all the skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes we offer with any of the plasters and dressings we have available across our range. With a first aid kit fully stocked with skin cleansers and antiseptic wipes, you will be prepared to effectively treat and disinfect any surface prior to providing medical assistance.

Keep your staff safe with all the right products from our coronavirus guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of frequently asked questions for buying antibacterial wipes and more information about the range of antiviral wipe products that Seton offers.

What does the law say about disinfectant hand wipes?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a safe, clean working environment. The HSE mandates that employees have the right to clean, well maintained workplace facilities and access to proper first aid in work.

Employees have a right to a healthy working environment, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is clean, safe and well maintained. Antiviral hand wipes are one easy way to maintain a safe, clean workplace as they are convenient and easy to use for cleaning surfaces and skin.

As the coronavirus situation has shown, it is more important than ever for employers to create and maintain a safe, healthy workplace. The HSE advises that employees should be informed of the importance of hygiene and maintaining a healthy worksite as part of regular health and safety training. To best mitigate the risk of coronavirus contamination at a workplace, all employees should be trained on how to maintain optimal hygiene in the workplace and how to use antiseptic wipes effectively.

Where should antiviral wipes be placed?

Antiviral wipes for skin and for surfaces should be placed in locations that are easy for employees to access. Hands free waste bins are recommended for proper disposal of the wipes after use.

Antibacterial wipes and swabs that have a medical purpose should be placed either in first aid kits or in medical-specific rooms in organised areas that are easy to access.

What are the best antibacterial wipes?

There are a few different types of antibacterial wipes which serve various purposes. For sterilising a surface such as a countertop, window, railing or seat, anti bac wipes such as the Plum Cleansing Wipes and Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes are ideal. These efficient and easy to use antibacterial surface wipes are sold in convenient tubs for easy access. The Plum Cleansing Wipes are especially heavy duty and can clean oil, grease, paint, glue, resin and tenacious dirt.

When it comes to medical needs and uses, there are specific antiviral wipes which are specially designed and made for certain medical uses. For small accidents and cuts at work, the QuickClean Wound Cleaning Wipes are ideal, as these conveniently packaged wipes have sterile water to avoid any chance of infection. Seton also offers Pre-Injection Swabs which contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly disinfect an area prior to an injection. Another medical staple are the Sterile Gauze Swabs Seton offers which are perfect for cleaning wounds, cuts, scrapes, and punctures. All of these materials come in single use packets and are sold in bulk. This way, you can ensure that your first aid kits and medical equipment are all properly stocked.

Seton also offers antibacterial hand wipes to help maintain hygienic workplaces and to provide employees with a way to quickly clean their hands while on the go. The antiseptic hand wipes Seton offers such as the SureSan Antibacterial Wipes are super soft on hands, but tough on bacteria, fungi and viruses.