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Parking Blocks & Kerbs

Vehicle safety in your car park, or other outdoor spaces, is of paramount importance. A poorly secured vehicle has the potential to cause a serious accident. Parking blocks and kerbs are useful tools to make sure vehicles remain parked, even on a steep incline.

Maintaining health and safety standards is a legal requirement, and is essential to avoid the injuries and fatalities in and around your workplace. Vehicles, and in particular large industrial vehicles, have the potential to be a serious hazard. Parking blocks and kerbs ensure vehicles are parked as safely as possible. To find out more about the different types of wheel stopper that can be used to prevent accidents on your site, check out our handy buying guide.

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Wheel Stops for All Locations

A vehicle rolling down a hill has the potential to do a lot of damage, and even more so if that vehicle is a large lorry. Parking blocks and kerbs are a simple but affordable method of preventing an accident that could cost a lot both financially and in terms of casualties. Seton has a comprehensive selection of blocks, chocks and kerbs suitable for the various vehicles used around your business.

Seton prides itself on offering products that reflect the diverse needs of differing work sites. We are aware that vehicles of all sizes might be present and will require different parking blocks to secure them. With the range of parking blocks and kerbs available, you can easily find a product to suit your situation.

Parking Kerbs, Blocks and Chocks - Deciding What’s Best

Our collection includes:

  • Kerbs

  • Parking blocks

  • Chocks

Kerbs and parking blocks will need to be fixed in position. They are suitable for use on either tarmac or concrete, making them ideal for car parks and show rooms.

Parking blocks can be combined to create the size of run you require. Eye-catching designs make them easily visible. Check out our fixing bolts and fixing spikes to secure your parking blocks.

Chocks have the convenience of easy portability, making them ideal to secure your vehicles when off-site, as well as on your premises. We have a variety of options available for use with vehicles of various weights, including a heavy-duty option suitable for high-volume loading facilities.

Vehicle Stoppers and Accident Prevention

Increase the safety of vehicles on your premises. Use our parking blocks and kerbs in conjunction with barriers and cones, bollards and posts. By combining these elements you can clearly define vehicle access and areas safe for pedestrians - protecting people, vehicles, and assets from damage.

Carrying out a car park and vehicle management risk assessment to minimise the risks of vehicles and ensure you are complying with health and safety rules might seem confusing. By shopping with Seton for your safety equipment, you can eliminate these complications. All our products comply fully with relevant UK and EU safety legislation and we are always happy to offer advice to make sure you purchase the correct product.

The cost of an accident involving a vehicle can exceed the financial. Vehicle accidents can cause injuries and even fatalities to your workforce and members of the public. Parking blocks and kerbs are a straightforward measure you can take to reduce the likelihood of accidents and the subsequent costs and injuries.

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