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Need help? Need help? What types of outdoor seating can you buy? Adding benches will improve an outside area and give people a great place to relax. It need not be difficult to do with our adaptable choices of outdoor seating, and both staff and visitors will appreciate the gesture. Whether it is to be used when stepping out of the office for a moment during lunch, or for taking a break in the grounds of a hospital, company, school or park area, a bench is always a welcome sight for employees and visitors. Supplied in a range of interesting options, finding durable seating that fits in with the surroundings is a simple matter.

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Outdoor Seating: Buying Guide

Transform a public area using either comfortable seats that have backrests or straightforward benches. Depending on the kind of location, these can be arranged together in groups for a conversational lunch break, or dotted around, remote from each other, to provide a less busy resting area. All of our outdoor furniture is attractive and robust, whether it comes in metal or plastic options. It is possible to create an enjoyable space for people to relax in regardless of the environment.

There is usually need to provide a neat litter bin nearby to keep things tidy, perhaps even a fireproof recepticle, but when it comes to rest stations outside, instead of open benches, there may instead be a need to provide a smoking shelter and fittings appropriate to that purpose, such as ashtrays or cigarette butt collectors.

It may be that metal seating is preferred; the durable steel of our Ranger benches and seats has a polyester powder-coated finish to give a stylish modern look to an upgraded outdoor area. The hard-wearing surface is designed to be resistant to vandalism and impact damage. The smooth panels are perforated and allow rain to run off them. These benches have been specially equipped with tamper-proof fittings, and they can be secured firmly into position to avoid theft.

The metal benches will arrive flat-packed and require simple assembly. They will not take long to arrange in the chosen spot. A single bench may be all that is required, or you could use a pair, placed at 90 degrees to each other, to make a sociable gathering place. Instead of plain benches, seats with backrests may be chosen to allow users to relax better: this option comes in a range of bright colours.

Adding signage to the area will often be useful – for instance, simply to remind people not to litter. There are other types of sign that may be needed, such as to indicate a recycling bank, to give directions towards nearby ramped access to a building, or to point visitors to an information point. A galvanised steel signpost may be used for mounting the sign.

If you are looking for hard wearing plastic outdoor furniture, our range of heavy duty furniture will fit the bill. This is a prime example of recycled plastic used to produce an attractive, versatile fixture. The heavy-duty plastic finish is hygienic, easy to clean, and is also vandal resistant. When you order them, the seats will arrive ready-assembled. Ground-fixing bolts are provided to secure them in place.

The sturdy, chunkier-looking heavy-duty benches and seats will be a pleasing choice on stone paving since they are available in stone-effect tones. Of course, these pieces will do just as well in a school context, and many other situations, they also come in solid colours. The length should be chosen according to whether spacious seating is needed or you just require room for one or two people at a time.