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Reduce Risk with our Value Priced Gas & Explosive Signs

When hazards exist in the workplace regulations state that appropriate signage must be used to allow employees and visitors to take caution. These signs should be used to permanently mark areas, rooms and enclosures that are used for the storage or explosive substances or for areas in which an explosive atmosphere could exist. See our range of sign fixings to ensure that your sign is securely affixed.

We have an extensive selection of gas and explosive signs that are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit.

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Gas & Explosive Warning Signs: Buying Guide

If you work in an industry where gas and explosions are potential hazards, you will be well aware of the need to protect employees and visitors from the harm that they can inflict. Gas and explosive signs can be used to make sure that areas at risk of gas and explosions are clearly labelled to protect everyone on your premises from injuries or even death.

There are a number of options in our range of gas and explosive signs to best suit your requirements, including a choice of material. Choose rigid plastic for a durable sign that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, or vinyl, which can be attached to most smooth, clean surfaces but is particularly ideal for curved surfaces such as gas cylinders. See our guide to signs materials for more information on these and other materials available.

All of our signs feature the well-known hazard triangle with the relevant gas or explosion symbol. Some include the letters EX in the triangle to show that an explosive atmosphere is present at the corresponding ATEX category.

Others simply feature the easily recognisable explosion symbol.

For gas cylinder storage areas consider using signs that display the image of an exploding cylinder.

One of the biggest dangers in an area at risk of gas and explosions is that of fire, which could be triggered by smoking of cigarettes or the presence of naked flames. Make sure that everyone knows not to smoke or have naked flames in these areas by using the appropriate prohibition sign.

Gas and explosions may remain a risk, but with good management, the risk is very low. Displaying gas and explosive signs in the appropriate locations in your business premises will prove to everyone that the risk is being well managed and will help prevent accidents as part of your health and safety policy.

Custom Gas & Explosive Hazard Signs

If you need to convey some information on your gas and explosive sign that is not currently provided in our range, then our unique online Creator tool can help. You can create a sign that is specific to your needs, while still ensuring that it complies with UK and EU signs regulations.

The regulations surrounding the use of signs to clearly label hazardous areas can be confusing. However, you can shop with confidence at Seton. All of our signs comply with current EU and UK legislation, so when you buy a hazard warning sign from us, you can feel reassured that you are fulfilling your health and safety obligations.