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Construction Site Fire Equipment Signs

Need help? Need help? Which fire signs do a construction site need? Ensure site safety - Construction sites are places that can have a high number of risks for employees, visitors and members of the public alike. The risk of fire is perhaps one of the most obvious ones, but one you can help to reduce with a combination of the right products and training for your team.

With a comprehensive plan on how to deal with a fire situation if one ever arises, and the installation of our highly visible Construction Site Fire Equipment Signs, you can help to ensure the correct procedures are followed. These are particularly useful for quickly pointing out where fire fighting equipment is stored, as well as for conveying the necessary actions that need to be taken and making sure you stay compliant with laws and regulations.

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Comprehensive Planning

In the event of a fire, it can take just a matter of moments between a safe outcome or a total disaster. As well as a thorough risk assessment; regular training and fire drills are an important part of making sure you are able to keep your employees safe.

The first steps are to ensure that all those on site are evacuated as soon as possible and a call to the emergency services should be made immediately before you attempt to tackle any fire yourself. The can be made easier with our range of Construction Site Fire Exit Signs that will ensure people know where to head at a glance.

Our Fire Safety Equipment products such as our Emergency Escape Kits, Fire Warden Waistcoats and Megaphones can make this process fast and efficient.

When everyone is safe from the immediate danger, and the emergency services have been notified, the next step is to combat the flames if safe to do so. The person who decides to attempt to put out a fire must know exactly where fire fighting tools are located, because the area could be full of smoke and very hard to navigate.

This is where our Construction Site Fire Equipment Signs can prove very effective. Our Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Fighting Equipment Signs and the general fire signs make it very clear where these objects are located.

Furthermore, signs such as our CO2 Fire Extinguisher Fire Point Construction Signs and Water Fire Extinguisher Fire Point Construction Signs are ideal to reinforce the nature of the equipment and what types of materials it should be used on.

Clear and Simple Signage

In the event of a fire, it's important that signage that is meant to help people take actions to ensure their safety is highly visible and easy to understand.

Our range of Construction Site Fire Equipment Signs are easy to see, and are available in materials that can be seen even in dimly-lit areas or darkness. Using our range of Sign Fixings you can help to ensure that the signs are in the most suitable locations, both indoors or outdoors, ideally near to the fire fighting equipment so that it can reached quickly in the event of an emergency.

Having the correct signage is not only useful should an incident occur but it helps to meet legislation and ensures that those on your site feel much more secure than they otherwise would. Safe in the comfort of knowing that there are tools available to tackle fires and that their safety is being taken seriously by the business.

Fire equipment signs are one of the most important construction signs for a reason, and if you are striving to be a responsible business owner, posting them around your construction site should be considered. Not only will the help to ensure safety on your site, but all of our signs comply with the EU and UK health and safety legislation, giving you and your team peace of mind.

Quality Materials

All of our Construction Site Fire Equipment Signs are available in a range of sizes, colours and high quality materials. Choose options in accordance with your working environment and requirements.

Should you find that you require a Construction Site Sign that is not included in our current range please contact us. With our custom sign service, we can create a custom sign to meet your business needs including images, text, logos and much more.