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Burns Treatment

Need help? Need help? How can I prepare for burn injuries in the workplace? Every workplace, no matter how large or small, must undergo a health and safety assessment in order to define any risks and hazards that exist in the workplace, and to determine what should be included in the first aid kit. This applies to offices with fewer than five staff, just as it does to construction sites with a variety of hazards. Something often overlooked, is burns treatment. Where fire is a high risk employers are usually better prepared, however, it’s important to remember that office spaces can be at risk from fire. Fire prevention and fire safety equipment should be at the top of a health and safety list, supplemented by first aid burns treatments.

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Even a minor accident can cause big problems and painful injuries when it involves burns. Your office doesn’t need to experience a major fire for a worker to need burns treatment. Often, an employee will burn a finger on the kettle while making tea or when using the kitchen hob and will require burns treatment. If you’re looking after the needs of employees in a small office, then all you may need is a supply of soothing gel and dressings, however, if your workplace has numerous staff or is at a high risk of fire, then you should invest in a burns kit.

Burns First Aid Buying Guide

In most cases of minor burns a burns gel or dressing will often suffice. We stock a range of such products, including CoolTherm Burn Dressings, which not only protect the burn area and relieve pain, but also can actually stop the burning process from worsening. They come in individual sealed packs and are specially non-adhering so they can be quickly and easily removed.

If you’d prefer something that can be used more than once, BurnSoothe Gel is the ideal product. This gel provides the same amount of comfort and pain relief as a dressing, but being in a bottle it can provide relief for a number of individuals and won’t need to be replaced so regularly. It’s also sterile and non-toxic.

Burn plasters are another product for first aid boxes located in workplaces where most burns are minor and can be treated on the spot. These plasters, such as the Advanced Hydrogel Burn Plasters, work as both an adhesive covering and a pain reliever, protecting the burned area from infection and contamination in the same way that a normal plaster does with other small injuries. In this way, they also help provide a speedy recovery period. They are very easy to use and can be applied by the injured person if no first aider is at hand.

For a more comprehensive supply of equipment, it is best to purchase a burns kit. We have several choices available when it comes to burn kits, so whatever you’re looking for we’re very likely to have it in stock. These kits contain everything you need should a worker be burned or scalded in the workplace and in the case of BurnSoothe Burns Kits, you can choose between sizes, with the larger size being compliant with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Whether the burn is big or small having knowledge on how to handle first aid for a burn injury can improve the health and safety of your staff and visitors. Check out our ‘How to Handle First Aid for Burns in 13 Easy Steps’ page to help your business and protect your employees.


Do I really need burns treatment supplies in my workplace?

Yes. Even workers in small offices and self-employed workers working from home can be at risk of small burns, especially if you have an on-site kitchen. Just including a burn gel or a pack of burn dressings could help in the event of an accident however large or small the office.

Which burns treatment is best for my workplace?

This will depend on the size and nature of the workplace, but we suggest looking at the buying guide above to determine which product would work best for you and your workers. Largely, however, if you work in an office or environment of a larger size, then investing in a burns kit would be a good idea.

How often should I replace the items in my burns kit?

You should replace whatever you use as soon as possible and keep an eye on the use by dates of any sterile products kept in the kit. We have a range of BurnSoothe Burns Kit Refills to choose from should you need to replace anything, without needing to repurchase an entire kit.