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Need help? Need help? How to use line marking paint and tape First Rate Line Marking Machines - UK’s Widest Selection

Here at Seton, we want to keep you and everyone at your workplace safe. Afterall, it is essential that health and safety regulations are followed in order to create a safe working environment for everyone. If your workplace is open to the public, then it is vital that they are protected as much as possible. Our extensive range of line marking equipment is designed to create a safe working environment, by marking out traffic areas, parking areas and keep clear zones.

Businesses can improve safety around the workplace by having a system that clearly marks out areas where basic precautions need to be taken. Our wide range of line marking machines have many options that are versatile, and don’t require you to be an expert to do a great job. For more information on choosing the right line marking product for you, check out our buying guide below.

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Line Marking: Buying Guide

Businesses often have a requirement to mark certain areas, either to define traffic routes or warn employees to stay out of a particular prohibited location. Whether it’s line marking machines for sports fields, car parks, or anything else, we offer a wide selection that are perfect for all these tasks. All our products are designed to be simple to use, making life that little bit easier!

To help you choose the right line marking machine for your job, read our guide below.

Which Line Marking Machine Should I Use?

If you require a line marking spray paint applicator, the ROCOL® EASYLINE® Edge Marking System could be the right choice for you. It dries in ten minutes which reduces your premises down time. The ROCOL® EASYLINE® Edge Marking Paint creates distinct, crisp lines and markings which you can use to refresh your car park, sports field, playground and much more.

If you’re after a line marking applicator that is suitable for you all your requirements, then the Setonline™ Line Marking System 3-Wheel Paint Applicator is the one for you. The three wheel design also makes it easy to maneuver while maintaining stability, ensuring straight lines.. Unless it is wiggly lines you want!

If you want to try freehand line marking, then line marking spray paint such as the ROCOL® EASYLINE® Edge Marking Paint is ideal. It produces clear, sharp lines and is supplied with 2 coloured nozzles - yellow for line marking, white for freehand marking.

The ROCOL® EASYLINE® Hand Held Applicator is particularly quick and efficient to use when marking up car parks, playgrounds and other locations. As this applicator is hand held it is suitable to use for stencilling and marking smaller areas.

You can also use the ROCOL® EASYLINE® Edge Applicator Masking Plates with compatible line marking systems and edge marking paints. The masking plates produce clear lines in warehouses, car parks, factory floors and other locations. All you have to do is fit the masking plates at the bottom of the applicator and they will create a crisp, sharp line edge.

If you want to keep it simple, then we also stock a basic range of high quality line marking marking equipment such as our 5” Paint Brush, 15 Litre Mixing Bucket and Wooden Paint Mixer.

In order to make sure your line markings are straight, consider using a stencil. Our reusable Straight Line Parking Stencil can be used to make parking bays and pedestrian crossings. We also supply Disabled Parking Bay Essential Kits that allow you to create crisp clear lines and letters, which can be used with our road marking machines.

Alternatively, you can use our thermoplastic line marking tape. For rapid results, line marking tape is convenient as you can apply it within minutes. All you have to do is simply position the tape where you want it then apply using a blowpipe.

For temporary line markings, you can use the ROCOL® Temporary® Fusion Spot Marking Paint. This paint can be used in a variety of locations, such as festivals, streets, roads and all outdoor events. After use, the paint can be removed manually with a brush and water or you can leave it to naturally fade.

To raise the awareness of potential hazards you can use our Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape. It can be used to create non-slip floor markings which will improve health and safety within the workplace. You can also use the line marking tape to highlight important safety equipment, mark aisles, passageways and much more.