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Workshop Chairs

Having a comfortable space to work in enables staff to carry out their tasks more efficiently. Workshop chairs are designed to provide comfort for the long periods some people must sit to do their job. We have several options available at Seton such as the active workshop chairs, which enable you to furnish your workplace with comfort and, in turn, productivity firmly in mind.

Uncomfortable working conditions over a prolonged period of time can result in injury to employees. Our chairs comply with relevant health and safety laws to guard against common problems, such as MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). To find out more about workshop seating and warehouse safety, read our buying guide below.

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Workshop Stools & Chairs: Buying Guide

Working for long periods in a workshop requires concentration. Any discomfort can hinder this and make it harder to work efficiently. Providing workshop chairs will enable your employees to concentrate on their tasks free from any discomfort. Over time this will also benefit their health. Uncomfortable working conditions built up over months or years can cause injuries resulting in absence and an inability to carry out tasks to the required standard. To avoid this happening, good quality workshop chairs are an investment well worth making.

Protecting your employees from injury is an obligation you have as an employer and is enforced by UK and EU health and safety directives. Fully understanding these can be bewildering at times, but at Seton we can help. Our extensive range of safety products and equipment will ensure you can take all necessary steps to protect your employees and visitors to your premises. We check all our products to make sure they comply with the relevant legislation, giving you complete peace of mind when you shop with us.

Our range of workshop equipment includes several specialist seating options. All are adjustable to suit employees of different heights and have a swivel mechanism for easy movement Rubber stoppers on the base of the chair prevent accidental slippage and the resulting injuries that can occur. There is a choice of coverings, but all will provide good support for employees at work.

At Seton, we know you want workplace equipment which is designed to last. Our workshop chairs will cope well in a challenging, industrial environment and are easy to keep clean. For example, the comfort workshop chair is covered in wipe-clean vinyl, perfect for messy environments or those where liquids are present.

Workshop Seating & Warehouse Safety

To provide further protection against workplace injuries caused by working for long periods at repetitive tasks, choose from our extensive range of ergonomic equipment, including wrist, knee and back supports.

To complete your workshop furnishing we also have a range of workbenches that provide a convenient space to carry out a variety of workshop tasks.

Providing a safe, comfortable space to in which to work will improve staff morale and increase productivity. With fewer days lost to absence and a more efficient work output, workshop chairs represent an investment that will ultimately make huge financial savings. Providing a good level of comfort and convenience will enhance your reputation as an employer who takes workplace safety seriously. Taking the time and money to select good quality safety products and equipment, including workshop chairs, is a highly effective step you can take to safeguard your business.