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Lockout Signs & Labels

Need help? Need help? Make sure staff know their lockout responsibilities To ensure the safety of people working on machinery, whether it is being locked out or just in normal operation, having adequate safety signage is a necessity. Communication between workers is paramount to ensure the smooth running of lockout procedures and operations in general.

Making sure that you have as much communication as possible is made simple with our wide range of safety and informational lockout signs. Placed strategically throughout your warehouse they will aid in offering simple and concise safety information that will save lives.

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Lockout Safety Signs at Work

Safety signage is one of the most important things to consider when ensuring that health and safety legislations are complied with in the workplace. When creating a lockout procedure to follow, one of the important considerations should be clear signs and labels that communicate to all employees of the dangers of tampering with locked out machinery or even just machinery that is not in use.

Many of our signs have been made to act as a permanent reminder that equipment is not to be used when maintenance work is being carried out, specifying the type of energy isolation that can occur when switched off and locked out. Further to this we also have a comprehensive range of electrical safety lockout signs that specify voltage dangers and general electrical warnings.

For ease of application we supply many of our signs on a roll with self-adhesive for attaching to any primed surface, this allows you to create safety warnings very quickly and easily.

One of the things you can use lockout signage for, is as a way to keep track of the different people assigned to as maintenance personnel to carry out lockout procedures. If the service team, were to change mid way through repairs or maintenance is being carried out, then it is best to keep track of this so that others know, in the event of queries to do with the equipment service, who to ask.

Our labels come in a variety of sizes so you can be sure that they will be suitable for almost any machinery, smaller labels are great for displaying above power control buttons and switches, they provide a simple message that is exactly where you need it to be.

Lockout Signs

In order for your lockout process to work at its most efficient when needed, it is best to have clear signage to denote certain necessary behaviours that are required of your employees when they are to use lockout devices. They contain information on safety regulations one must follow to effectively carry out lockout procedures. The signs can be used in a temporary or permanent manner, think about the placement of the sign, its intended function and where it will be most visible to the employees that will most benefit from the information displayed on it.

Lockout Labels

For a way to display vital information efficiently, many of the lockout safety labels come in rolls and have a self adhesive that allow them to be quickly applied and removed as you see fit. This is of great benefit if using warning signs only when lockout procedures are being carried out. Attaching a label to machinery can also be preferable to using more robust signage as they are much easier to install, applying to virtually any clean surface, flat or curved.

Uses of Lockout Signs

Inform workers of prohibited behaviours when machinery is locked out. This is the most important function of lockout signs, the messages you choose to display will make lockout processes easier and more efficient.

These can be removed when necessary and are stored for future use; their re-usability is one of their main features. It is of utmost importance that heavy machinery has adequate signage displayed, the relaying of information in a clear and concise manner will save lives.

Showcase important safety information

Indicate when lockout processes are to be followed. Create an easy to follow set of actions that will ensure the safety of people working on machinery, whether to operate it or repair and maintain when necessary.


Where should Lockout Safety signs be placed?

The best way to discern where these signs should be displayed is to consult your lockout procedure and risk assessment documentation.

Which Lockout Safety signs do I need?

You should use signs and labels specific to each machine, to the type of energy that it uses or the mechanisms that it employs.