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Construction Site Hazard Warning Signs

Need help? Need help? What are the best ways to ensure people stay safe? Hazardous materials are often present on construction sites and it is essential to warn staff and visitors about them. One of the best ways to do this is using Construction Site Hazard Warning Signs, featuring the widely recognised symbols and messages that will help to ensure those on your site are kept safe.

These warning signs for hazardous substances will help your construction site comply with current legislation. and are available in a variety of sizes, colours and orientations. Browse our selection below and choose the right materials and fixings to ensure you find the perfect sign to suit your needs.

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Clear Warnings

Easily understood - All of the Hazard Warning Signs in our range use the widely recognised hazard triangle and also feature eye-catching bold text to explain the nature of the hazard. Most commonly, the image inside the triangle is the standard exclamation mark symbol; an instantly recognisable sign of potential danger. We also offer a large amount of danger signs.

Alternative images, such as those found on our ‘Mind Your Step’ Construction Signs, ‘Danger Deep Water’ Construction Signs and ‘Warning Fragile Roof’ Construction Signs can provide more information on the specific hazard involved.

You can also opt for a multi-message sign that provides further instructions or prohibitions, such as our 'Petrol/No Smoking/No Naked Light' Stanchion Sign, to simultaneous warn of dangers and instruct those nearby of the correct safety procedures to follow.

Inform and Protect

Some people believe the purpose of these signs is to induce fear, but this is incorrect. The real reason behind posting them is to educate and inform of the dangers present on a construction site, so everyone on it is better equipped to adapt to the environment and take steps to prevent accidents from happening.

For example, if a sign tells workers that a platform may collapse if stepped upon, they will know better than to try to do so. Alternatively, if there are sharp objects on the floor, a construction site hazard warning sign can be used to notify them of this, so they can either avoid the area completely or wear Protective Footwear.

It's also not uncommon to for dangerous chemicals, such as explosive gases or inflammable materials, to be present on construction sites. Even something as trivial as leaving equipment on the premises can be a potential source of danger, and Construction Site Hazard Warning Signs serve to remind and enforce safety working practices.

Health and Safety Legislation

In addition to keeping those on your site safe, displaying these signs is a good idea to protect yourself from litigation and ensure you comply with Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. For example, if the floor is wet, people walking across that area may slip and injure themselves and demand financial compensation for any injuries sustained.

These types of sign are best used in combination with other signs, such as Construction Site Information Signs. By displaying both types of signs, you're covering all bases. One type of sign explicitly tells people what kind of activities are discouraged while on a construction site, the other tells you what kind of dangers you can expect.

Materials and Fixings

Our signs are built to last and are made from durable materials that adhere to the latest industry standards and regulations. Our vast selection of signs covers the most common type of dangers on a typical construction site. If for any reason you determine none of the products is suitable for your needs, try out our custom sign service and design your own signs down to the very last detail.

Also, check out our Sign Fixings to see what options are available to make sure your signs will stay securely in place no matter where you are planning to display them.