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Pallet Racking

For business owners, storing stock in a way that is safe, organised and economical on space is a top priority. Efficient use of warehouse and industrial spaces can help a business run smoothly, whilst keeping additional costs to a minimum. One way of helping to keep these areas well organised is by installing pallet racking. As part of our range of industrial Shelving and Storage Solutions, Pallet Racking is a heavy duty option that allows stock to be stored in an organised and easily accessible way to help make sure you meet health and safety requirements.

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Heavy Duty Shelving: Buying Guide

Keeping a warehouse or industrial storage space well organised is a key attribute for the smooth running of any business. Choosing a warehouse shelving or storage solution that allows for stored items to be easily identified and quickly accessible in the event they are needed is important to ensure that the workplace is functioning in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Our range of pallet racking products are a great addition to any warehouse or industrial storage organisation plan, with a range of products available to fit with the individual needs of your workplace.

Choose from our selection of pallet racking beams, frames and bays to create storage that will best serve the space you have available. We also offer a selection of deep racking products for large volume industrial storage, as well as pallet racking extensions, which can be used to modify and extend existing setup to create more storage space within the workplace or warehouse.

Our pallet racking systems are specially designed to facilitate the storage of palletised items using a fork lift truck or Pallet Truck, which is available from us. The components are all designed with safety and security in mind and are compliant with relevant health and safety legislation, meaning that you are in the best position to ensure that the workplace is a safe and healthy environment for fully trained employees.

Safety features included on products in this category include footplates, floor fixings, and beam locking safety pins or clips. All of our pallet racking products have been tested with weight limits clearly indicated, allowing you to plan how best to use your new storage solutions.

These products can be supplied direct to you, complete with installation instructions (which may include the need to employ qualified fitters for some pallet racking) facilitating your creation of a warehouse pallet storage that will work for your business. Our pallet racking product range includes corrosion-resistant beams that can be used to help ensure the longevity and continued safety of your industrial storage design. Please note that single bay installation may reduce the load-bearing ability of pallet racking products and storage should be adjusted accordingly in the event that this setup is necessary.

We can also supply a range of additional safety items which can be used in combination with your pallet racking purchases to ensure that staff, customers and visitors are kept safe at all times when within your warehouse spaces. You may wish to consider purchasing Safety Signs for warehouse areas where pallet racking will be in use; for example, we have forklift warning signs, PPE Signs and safe handling signs available in our range.

Whatever your industrial storage needs, our pallet racking solutions can help to ensure that stock is kept in an orderly and accessible fashion at all times.